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HTP in the publishing trade press

HTP in the publishing trade press

Last summer our Director, Nicholas Chapman, participated in a conversation with other small publishers as to how their work had been impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. This discussion, hosted by the Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA) has now been made available for non-members to read online here. We are posting this link here for anyone who might be interested to learn more about how small publishing houses, including Holy Trinity Publications, operate and how they have adapted in the past year.

Date: Friday 26 February 2021
Publications Committee meets to consider new proposals and review works in progress

Publications Committee meets to consider new proposals and review works in progress

On Thursday, February 11th, 2021, Bishop Luke of Syracuse chaired a regular bimonthly session of the Publications Committee.

The five-member committee of monks and HTP staff meets every two months to consider new proposals for publication, revisit previously discussed proposals, and review works in progress. Holy Trinity Publications welcomes submissions on a rolling basis. If you have a book idea that fits our mission, please review the guidelines and criteria at our page for prospective authors.

Date: Saturday 13 February 2021
HTP to publish two works of Dr Jean-Claude Larchet

HTP to publish two works of Dr Jean-Claude Larchet

Holy Trinity Publications has signed contracts with two European publishers to make more works of famed Orthodox scholar Jean-Claude Larchet available in English. Dr Jean-Claude Larchet is one of the most notable living philosophers and authors on Orthodox Christian Patristics. A teacher of philosophy for nearly 35 years, he is an author of over thirty books and countless articles whose work has been translated into at least 17 languages. These translations will be the second and third works by Dr Larchet made available by Holy Trinity Publications, joining The New Media Epidemic: The Undermining of Society, Family, and Our Own Soul (2019).

French publisher Les Éditions du Cerf has granted to HTP rights to prepare a second English-language edition of Life After Death According to the Orthodox Tradition for release later this year. Life after Death provides an accessible and well organized synthesis of the ancient Christian understanding of death and the afterlife, drawing primarily on the Greek language writings of the Fathers of the Church. This work will be of benefit both to the Orthodox reader who wants to enhance their own understanding of their Church's teaching, and to Roman Catholics, Protestants and others who wish to become acquainted with the fullness of Christian tradition on death and the afterlife. They will encounter the abundant heritage of the faith which was once for all delivered to the saints.

Life After Death According to the Orthodox Tradition
 was first published in English by the now-defunct Orthodox Research Institute and has been out of print for a number of years. The second edition is slated for publication on Sep. 1, 2020 and will be made easily accessible in both print and digital forms through our worldwide distribution arrangements.

HTP has also acquired English-language translation rights from Swiss publisher Éditions des Syrtes for Les fondements spirituels de la crise écologique [The Spiritual Foundations of the Ecological Crisis], a work which has yet to appear in the English language. The translation has been undertaken by Dr Andrew Torrance, translator of The New Media Epidemic. The time of publication will be announced at a later date.

Date: Thursday 11 February 2021
Coming soon! Save 20% through Jan. 31st

Coming soon! Save 20% through Jan. 31st


Save 20% now through January 31st on two new, incoming publications:

The Divine Liturgy of Presanctified Gifts of Our Father Among the Saints Gregory the Dialogist: Slavonic-English Parallel Text

(The first Presanctified Liturgy of Great Lent 2021 will occur on Wednesday, March 4/17.)

The Order of the Moleben and Panikhida

  • The Divine Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts of Our Father Among the Saints Gregory the Dialogist
Date: Thursday 21 January 2021
HTP Offices closed

HTP Offices closed

Our offices will be closed Wednesday, Jan. 6 - Tuesday, Jan. 19 (n.s.) as we celebrate the Nativity and Theophany of our Lord. Phone calls and e-mails will not be answered during this time. Any orders received at HTP Bookstore will not be processed until after we return. As always, our books may be obtained worldwide from any bookshop or online retailer.

On behalf of all of us at Holy Trinity Publications, we wish you and yours a blessed and joyous celebration of the Lord's Nativity, a peaceful and joyous New Year, and above all Salvation in the Lord!

Date: Tuesday 5 January 2021