Church Customers

Holy Trinity Publications aims to make our books available as widely as possible throughout the world.

We are grateful to find our titles stocked by parish libraries, church and monastery retail stores, and other ecclesiastical organizations. We invite such customers to place their order at the Holy Trinity Bookstore website, which is configured to automatically calculate appropriate discounts and offers checkout with credit terms for qualified customers. We also accept orders by phone, e-mail, or fax.

Wholesale Ordering

Wholesale Discounts

Wholesale discounts are available to bona fide re-sellers on most titles. Some Short-Run Digital Print (SRDP) or Print on Demand (POD) titles are marked “Short Discount”, denoting a smaller wholesale discount. Customers with a wholesale account at Holy Trinity Bookstore have access to up-to-date listings of wholesale discount categories.

Credit Terms

Holy Trinity Publications offers credit terms to qualified institutions and organizations. Customers are required to complete a credit application for approval. Terms are subject to a credit limit and an overdue payment hold.