Holy Trinity Publications publishes two online journals, Orthodox Life in English, and Православная Русь in Russian:

Orthodox Life Pravoslavnaya Rus’

Orthodox Life is the English-language web publication of Holy Trinity Monastery in Jordanville, NY. It began in 1950, first as a translation of the Russian-language Православная Жизнь and later taking on its own identity as a print periodical journal for Orthodox Christians in the West. In December 2016 it moved online, thus facilitating a broader range of multimedia content and reaching a wider audience of Orthodox Christians and enquirers seeking the sober reflections of the Orthodox Church that they may know Thee, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom Thou hast sent. (John 17:3)

Orthodox Life is published with the blessing of His Grace +LUKE, Bishop of Syracuse and abbot of Holy Trinity Monastery. Management of the site and content is delegated to the staff of Holy Trinity Publications. It is supported by donations from readers.

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Orthodox Russia is a web publication of Holy Trinity Monastery, made available in digital format free of charge. It began its life in 1928 as Pravoslavaya Carpatskaya Rus, a semi-monthly newspaper published in Carpatho-Russia that featured both news items and spiritual reading. Articles are published throughout the year, as available. Editor in Chief: Bishop Luke (Murianka); Assistant Editor: Andrey Lyubimov.

«Православная Русь» - это онлайн журнал, издаваемый в Свято-Троицком монастыре в цифровом формате бесплатно. "Православная Русь" начала издаваться в виде газеты с 1928 года с названием «Православная Карпатская Русь» с периодичностью два раза в месяц в обители преподобного Иова Почаевского в селе Ладомирова (Словакия) в которой публиковались церковные и общественно-политические новости, духовно-нравственное чтение, сообщения о миссионерской деятельности. Статьи издаются в течение всего года.

Главный редактор: Епископ Лука (Мурьянка); Выпускающий редактор: Андрей Любимов.

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