Forthcoming Titles

On Acquiring Peace Amidst Suffering
Release Date: 05/01/20

St Ignatius Brianchaninov (1807-1867) struggled with chronic illness and disability through most of his adult life. Thus his own life experience disposed him to reflect on the meaning of suffering and how through it we might find “a harbor for our hope.” His letters, excerpted and organized here thematically, will equally benefit all who suffer.

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Georges Florovsky and the Patristic Doctrine of Atonement
Release Date: 07/15/16

Coming in Paperback Sep. 1, 2020

The present volume, inspired by the legacy of leading Orthodox patrologist Fr George Florovsky, brings together a collection of papers on atonement by contemporary scholars and a collection of writings by Florovsky himself to deepen our understanding of the Church's soteriology.

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