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"A Manual of the Orthodox Church's Divine Services" Now Available in ePub3 Format

A Manual of the Orthodox Church's Divine Services is now available in digital format for the first time.

As our most recent digital release, it comes in the newly updated ePub3 format. ePub3 offers a variety of features for disabled users, including:

• Text-to-speech functionality: This allows people who are visually impaired to listen to the text of the content instead of reading it.
• Braille support: This allows people who are blind to read the text of the content in Braille.
• Large print support: This allows people with low vision to read the text of the content in a larger font.
• Audio descriptions for images and videos: This allows people who are visual impairments to understand the content of images and videos.
• Closed captions for audio: This allows people who are hearing impairments to understand the content of the audio.
• Keyboard navigation support: This allows people with physical disabilities to navigate the content using a keyboard instead of a mouse.
• Easy-to-use controls for zooming, panning, and other features: This makes it easier for people with cognitive disabilities to use the content.

All future HTP digital releases will come with these features.

To purchase a digital copy of A Manual of the Orthodox Church's Divine Services, follow this link, click "Buy", and select "Digital" from the drop down menu to find your retailer of choice.

  • A Manual of the Orthodox Church's Divine Services
Date: Tuesday 13 February 2024

2024 Calendar Sold Out, Still Available on Amazon

Glory to God for all things! To meet the high demand for our Russian-language Liturgical calendar, we printed more copies than we have in previous years.

Unprecedented demand has drained the stock of the 2024 Liturgical Calendar in both our own warehouse and at Holy Trinity Church Supplies.

Amazon still has stock available. Click this link to purchase your calendar.

  • 2024 Holy Trinity Orthodox Russian Calendar (Russian-language)
Date: Tuesday 13 February 2024
HTP to Exhibit at the 55th Annual ASEEES Convention

HTP to Exhibit at the 55th Annual ASEEES Convention

Holy Trinity Publications will be exhibiting at the 55th Annual Convention of the Association for Slavic, Eastern European and Eurasian Studies in Philadelphia, PA.
Our exhibit will be at Booth 110.
Date: Thursday 30 November 2023 - Sunday 3 December 2023
Interview with the Author of "Christian Orthodox Political Philsophy"

Interview with the Author of "Christian Orthodox Political Philsophy"

Fr. Leontios, the author of "Christian Orthodox Political Philosophy". Monk Leontios has been a member of the brotherhood of the Holy Metropolis of Limassol of the Church of Cyprus since 2016. In the world, he was known as Pavlos M. Kyprianou, and under this name he originally published "Christian Orthodox Political Philosophy". In this interview, Reader Nicholas and Fr. Leontios discuss his book, it's message, and many contemporary issues facing the Orthodox Church today.

  • Christian Orthodox Political Philosophy
Date: Tuesday 7 November 2023
Book Release Event for "Foundations of Russian Culture"

Book Release Event for "Foundations of Russian Culture"

On Friday, October 6th, Holy Trinity Publications hosted an event at a private club in Washington, DC to celebrate the release of Foundations of Russian Culture by Protopresbyter Alexander Schmemann. This is the first work of Fr. Alexander Schmemann to be released by Holy Trinity Publications. Attending the event were thirty-nine distinguished guests, including Metropolitan Nicholas Olhovsky (First-Hierarch of the Russian Church Abroad), Archpriest Victor Potapov (Rector of St. John the Baptist Cathedral in Washington, DC), Archpriest Michael Meerson (Rector of Christ the Savior Orthodox Church in New York City), Archpriest Chad Hatfield (President of St. Vladimir's Seminary), Archpriest Seraphim Gan (Chancellor of the Synod of Bishops of the Russian Church Abroad and rector of St. Seraphim Memorial Church in Sea Cliff, NY), Fr. Nicholas Alford (Rector of St. Gregory the Great Orthodox Church in Washington, DC), Priest Nathan Williams (translator of the book and cleric of St. Alexander Nevsky Orthodox Church in Richmond, Maine), Dr. Nicolas Schidlovsky (Dean of Holy Trinity Orthodox Seminary), Dr. Ionuț-Alexandru Tudorie (Academic Dean of St. Vladimir's Seminary), and Serge Schmemann, (Member of the Editorial Board of the New York Times, son of Fr. Alexander and author of the foreword to the book).

The guests gathered at 6pm to hear short presentations on the book. Speakers included Metropolitan Nicholas, Dean Nicolas Schidlovsky and Fr. Victor Potapov. After the speeches, Reader Nicholas Chapman, director of Holy Trinity Publications, joined in conversation with Serge Schmemann about Fr. Alexander's understanding of Russian culture. The formal part of the evening then concluded with a brief presentation of the work of Religious Books for Russia (RBR) by Nicholas Sluchevsky.


Events - Chapman


© Sergei Chapnin  

In his address, Metropolitan Nicholas noted that Fr. Alexander, as one of the most widely recognized voices of the Russian emigration, had an influence that penetrated the Iron Curtain and touched on themes that span many generations of the development of Russian culture, beginning with the maximalism of Orthodox Christian faith that became "one of the chief foundations of the new culture", showing that the flowering of Russian culture cannot be separated from the "daily and never ending need to cultivate an authentic Christian Faith".


In particular, he highlighted the poignant ending of Fr. Alexander's final talk, "the eternal foundation of Russian culture… is more profound and more powerful than culture alone. This foundation is “the image of eternity,” which was “inborn” in Russia at the very outset of her history, and to which Russian culture remains faithful."


A copy of the wonderworking Kursk Root Icon of the Mother of God was present throughout the whole gathering. During his speech, Fr. Victor Potapov recalled visiting Fr. Alexander and Serge, and serving a moleben before the icon a few days before Fr. Alexander’s repose.


Events - Victor Potapov


© Sergei Chapnin 

Holy Trinity Publications is very grateful to Marilyn Swezey for making the event possible.


Following the presentations, the guests gathered for refreshments and shared fellowship.


A video of the event will be released in the coming weeks.


All images courtesy of photographer Sergei Chapnin



  • Foundations of Russian Culture
Date: Thursday 19 October 2023
Holy Trinity Publications Exhibits at the Frankfurt Book Fair

Holy Trinity Publications Exhibits at the Frankfurt Book Fair

This year, Holy Trinity Publications participated in the 75th Annual Frankfurt Book Fair in Frankfurt, Germany. The event lasted from Wednesday, October 18 to Sunday, October 22, 2023. Holy Trinity Publications has been exhibiting at this book fair since 2014, and this was the fifth time it had its own display. 


Events - Frankfurt2


The Frankfurt Book Fair is the world's largest and longest running trade show in the book industry. Though the modern iteration of the book fair has been running for seventy-five years, its history can be traced back all the way to the 12th century. This year, 326 agencies representing thirty-one different countries are exhibiting. In 2023, the book fair hosted a record total of 180,000 guests.


Events - Frankfurt3


The event gave Holy Trinity Publications opportunities for face-to-face meetings with industry professionals from all over the world, and opened up exciting opportunities for wider distribution, as well as the sale of foreign-language publication rights. This year one particular topic of wide concern and discussion was the impact of artificial intelligence on the work of publishing.

Date: Thursday 19 October 2023