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ERRATUM: The Divine Liturgy of St Basil the Great [UPDATED]

ERRATUM: The Divine Liturgy of St Basil the Great [UPDATED]

An omission of several words in the Church Slavonic text of the priestly prayer at the Epiclesis has been brought to our attention.


On p. 184, the text of the priest's prayer reads:


Сего ради, владыко пресвятый, и мы грешнiй, и недостойнiи раби твои, сподобльшiйся служити святому твоему жертвеннику, не ради милости твоея и щедрот твоихъ....


This text omits a key phrase, thereby reversing the meaning of the sentеnce. It also includes typographical errors in the words грешнiи and сподобльшiися. The correct text should read:


Сего ради, владыко пресвятый, и мы грешнiи, и недостойнiи раби твои, сподобльшiися служити святому твоему жертвеннику, не ради правдъ нашихъ, не бо сотворихомъ что благо на земли, но ради милости твоея и щедрот твоихъ....


We have prepared a sticker that can be placed over the page in question to correct the text. These will be mailed on demand to all customers upon request. Please write to our sales department to request replacement stickers for the page containing these errors. As an alternative, a PDF is available here that can be printed, trimmed, and taped or pasted into the book to replace the errant text.


We are working to correct remaining stock and resume sales of the book as quickly as possible.

  • The Divine Liturgy of Our Father Among the Saints Basil the Great
Date: Friday 27 May 2022
Metropolitan +HILARION falls asleep in the Lord

Metropolitan +HILARION falls asleep in the Lord

His Eminence +HILARION, Metropolitan of Eastern America and New York, First Hierarch of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia, reposed in the Lord on May 3/16, 2022 following a protracted illness. Our books have been published with his imprimatur since his election as primate of ROCOR in 2008.

A short biography and part one of a 2010 interview with His Eminence are available at Orthodox Life. The concluding portion of the interview will be published in the coming days.

The newly-reposed Metropolitan Hilarion will be laid to rest in the brotherhood cemetery of Holy Trinity Monastery on Sunday, May 9/22. Memory Eternal to this humble, loving archpastor in Christ!

Date: Monday 16 May 2022
HTP to display new books at diocesan clergy retreats

HTP to display new books at diocesan clergy retreats

This year, The Eastern American Diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia will be able to hold its traditional Lenten Pastoral retreat for the first time since 2019, due to the restrictions necessitated by the Coronavirus pandemic. This year the diocese is hosting two retreats, a "Northern" retreat at Holy Trinity Monastery (Jordanville, NY) and a "Southern" retreat at St. Mary of Egypt Orthodox Church (Roswell, GA). Holy Trinity Publications will display a table of new books and classic publications at each retreat.

The Northern retreat will take place Monday, March 28th - Wednesday, March 30th at our home base in Jordanville, NY. We will have a table in the seminary hall featuring our newest books and publications most thematically appropriate to clergy. In addition, all our books may be purchased in the monastery's retail store, Holy Trinity Church Supplies, which will also be open for attendees throughout the conference.

During the sixth week of Great Lent, we will also display our publications at the Southern pastoral retreat, to be held Monday April 11 - Wednesday, April 13 in Roswell, GA.

Date: Wednesday 23 March 2022
2022 ROCOR Directory now available

2022 ROCOR Directory now available

The annual directory of Bishops, Clergy, and Parishes of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia is now available as a free PDF download from the website of Holy Trinity Monastery.

Paperback copies may also be ordered via Lulu.

Date: Wednesday 23 February 2022
ERRATA: Rubrical instructions for February 7/20, 2022

ERRATA: Rubrical instructions for February 7/20, 2022

While the liturgical rubrics for the Sunday of the Prodigal Son are correct, we have been made aware that the first words given of some texts from the Afterfeast of the Meeting of the Lord are actually from the wrong day. We list the corrected version of the relevant sections below. 


стр. 186

На Господи воззвахъ: стихиры на 10; Октоиха на 4, Трiоди — Въ безгрѣшную страну: 3 и праздника — Воспрiими, рече, Симеоне: 3 (стиховны вечерни 7-го февраля)....

стр. 187

На стиховнѣ стихиры Октоиха; Слава: Трiоди — Отеческаго дара: И нынѣ: праздника — Да отверзется дверь: ....

По 3-й пѣсни кондакъ праздника — Утробу Дѣвичу: и икосъ; Слава: сѣдаленъ Трiоди — Объятiя Отча: И нынѣ: праздника — Родился еси: ....

На хвалитехъ стихиры на 8; Октоиха 4 и праздника — Носящи чистая: со стихирой — Радуйся, яже радость (стихиры утрени) 4....




  • 2022 Holy Trinity Orthodox Russian Calendar (Russian-language)
Date: Thursday 17 February 2022
We’ll be taking some time for rest this January

We’ll be taking some time for rest this January

Dear readers,

As last year, we’ll be starting the new year with a brief respite surrounding the Nativity and Theophany of our Lord. Our offices will be closed from Thursday, Jan. 6th through Friday, Jan. 14th, and again on Tuesday and Wednesday, Jan. 18-19.

Any orders placed at HTP Bookstore after 12 p.m. EST on Wednesday, Jan. 5th will not be processed until Monday, Jan. 17th. As always, our books continue to be available worldwide through any bookstore or online bookseller.

We thank you all for your continued patronage and prayerful support!

In Christ,

The Staff of Holy Trinity Publications

Date: Wednesday 5 January 2022