News & updates as we approach Holy Week

Posted: Tuesday, April 20, 2021
Celebrating today's publication of a new title from Holy Trinity Seminary Press; our full list of Fall 2021 books is now available to view and pre-order; and an update on our operations during Holy Week & Bright Week.

Dear readers,

We hope this letter finds you in good health and spiritually prepared for the approaching end of the Great Fast and the onset of Holy Week. We'll be pausing our operations starting next week to fully dedicate ourselves to the commemoration of the saving Passion and Resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Please see details below.

New from Holy Trinity Seminary Press: In 2016, we published a landmark study of Orthodox Christians in the Levant and the wider region under Ottoman rule. The author, Russian scholar Constantin A. Panchenko, has now revised and expanded the introductory portion of that text, which has now been published as a separate volume. We are excited to mark the official publication date today of Orthodoxy and Islam in the Middle East: The Seventh to the Sixteenth Centuries. In this new survey of the almost nine centuries that passed from the beginning of the spread of Islam up to the Ottoman Turkish conquest of Syria and Egypt beginning in 1516, Panchenko offers a more complex portrayal of this period than is typically encountered, focusing on the impact that the appearance of Islam had on the many forms of Christianity they encountered, principally the Orthodox Christian communities of the Middle East. In particular he illuminates the interplay of their Greek cultural heritage with increasing Arabization over time.

This is essential reading for those who want to gain an understanding of the history of the Middle East in these centuries and of how the faith of Orthodox Christians in these lands is lived today.

Also available: Our full list of forthcoming titles for the Fall 2021 publication season is available now at our website! It includes a sober and forensic analysis of the Ukrainian Ecclesial Crisis, a second edition of Dr. Jean-Claude Larchet's study of the patristic teaching on Life After Death, and more. All forthcoming release can be pre-ordered now at HTP Bookstore or wherever books are sold.

Holy Week and Bright Week: Our offices will be closed from Holy Thursday through Bright Tuesday (April 28 - May 4). We will not be responding to emails or phone calls during this time but we do welcome you to place orders via our website. Orders placed after 3 pm on Wednesday, April 27th will not be processed until we re-open on Wednesday, May 5.

Finally, dear readers, we assure you of our heartfelt prayers for a peaceful and salvific end to the lenten struggle and a joyous celebration of the Bright Resurrection of our Lord and Saviour!

In Christ,

Pdn. Peter Markevich
Sales & Marketing Manager
Holy Trinity Publications

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