Holy Trinity Publications publishes under two imprints that draw from the strengths of both the monastic and seminary communities that co-exist together in Jordanville:

Printshop of St Job of Pochaev Holy Trinity Seminary Press

The Printshop of St Job of Pochaev is the flagship imprint of Holy Trinity Publications. For nearly sixty-five years Holy Trinity Monastery's entire publishing operation went by this name, taken from two objects of immense historical importance housed at the monastery - the only remaining press in the world capable of printing in Church Slavonic and an icon of St Job of Pochaev sent from his Pochaev Lavra (in what is today western Ukraine) to the missionary brotherhood at Ladomirovo (present day Slovakia) as a blessing upon their publishing efforts. Generations of monks and seminarians took part in the printshop's mission of preserving the Orthodox Faith by disseminating materials as widely as possible both in the Soviet Union and elsewhere.

Today, the legacy of Saint Job, his Pochaev Lavra, and the Ladomirova brotherhood lives on even as we turn our missionary efforts predominantly towards the English-speaking world. The Printshop of St Job of Pochaev publishes books for the spiritual strengthening and encouragement of the faithful and for the conversion of the world around us, with a particular emphasis on liturgical texts and spiritual treatises.

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Adhering to the highest standards, Holy Trinity Seminary Press publishes Orthodox scholarship for edification featuring studies relating to the theology, history, and liturgy of the Orthodox Church. As part of Holy Trinity Orthodox Seminary's mission of pastoral formation, the Press develops content aimed at both educating the mind and enlightening the spirit.

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