A Series of Lectures on the Mystery of Repentance

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Paperback, 112 pages
Jan 1, 1975
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Holy Trinity Publications

— About the Book —

This is a classic work of pastoral theology, written by the first ruling Bishop of the Russian Church Abroad. Whilst primarily a manual for priests hearing confessions it is also of great value to all who struggle with the passions. It covers the significance of confession for Christians, the spiritual director's disposition, healing, doubt, sin, fear, despondency, pride, money, envy, chastity, etc. The appendices include extracts form the Order of Confession, a "template" for a brief confession and questions for an examination of conscience.

— Author Biography —

Metropolitan Anthony (Khrapovitsky) (1863–1936) was the founding First Hierarch of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia. He studied at the St. Petersburg Theological Academy, where he was tonsured a monk and later become its rector. He then was rector of Moscow Theological Academy. In 1907 he was consecrated as Bishop of Cheboksary, and later became Metropolitan of Kiev in 1918. Along with other émigré hierarchs, he helped form the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia, becoming its First Hierarch. As a theologian Metropolitan Anthony is best known for his works The Moral Idea of the Dogma of the Holy Trinity and The Doctrine of Redemption. He also wrote many other works on many other spiritual disciplines such as moral and pastoral theology, apologetics, and canon law. He reposed in 1936 in Sremsky Karlovtsi, Serbia.

— Contents —

Chapter 1 The Siginificance of Confession for Christians  

Chapter 2 The Spiritual Father's Own Disposition  

Chapter 3 The Influence of Confession  

Chapter 4 The Outward Arrangment of Confession 

Chapter 5 Spiritual Direction 

Chapter 6 Spiritual Healing. Unbelief and Weak Faith  

Chapter 7 Imaginary Doubts 

Chapter 8 Fear of Admitting a Sin 

Chapter 9 Self-justification 

Chapter 10 Spiritual Delusion (Prelest) 

Chapter 11 Sickness of the Will and Heart. Anger 

Chapter 12 Pride and Vainglory 

Chapter 13 The Seventh Commandment 

Chapter 14 Drunkenness 

Chapter 15 Despondency 

Chapter 16 Envy 

Chapter 17 Love of Money 

Chapter 18 Particular (Individual) Sins 

Chapter 19 Sins Against One's Neighbour 

Chapter 20 Sin's Against God 

Chapter 21 Sins Against One's Own Soul 

Chapter 22 Penances 

Appendix A. Extracts from the Order of Confession 

Appendix B. Also from the Order of Confession 

Appendix C. Brief Confession before a Spiritual Father 

Appendix D. Questions for Penitents 

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