The Life and Miracles of Blessed Xenia of St. Petersburg

The Life and Miracles of Blessed Xenia of St. Petersburg

By Holy Trinity Monastery and Holy Trinity Monastery
Pamphlet, 79 pages
Jan 1, 1997
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Holy Trinity Monastery

— About the Book —

The story of one of Russia's best known "fools for Christ," is followed by testimonies to her many miracles. These are recounted by people from all points of the globes and include not only accounts of physical healings but also of help given to those who suffered loss because of slander or the desertion of a spouse. The question of the time of her birth and death and the construction of the Chapel by her grave in the Smolensk cemetery in St. Petersburg is also discussed. The Resolution of the Synod of Bishops regarding the steps to be taken in preparation for her glorification is also given.

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The Life of Blessed Xenia

Help and Intercessions Granted to the Faithful by God's Servant, Xenia

 1. A Young Girl Is Saved From Misfortune

 2. Help Granted in Gaining Entrance Into the Cadet Corps

 3. Help Given in Finding a Position

 4. Help Given in the Finding of a Position

 5. A Man Is Saved From Self Destruction and Given a New Start in Life

 6. Help Given in the Finding of a Position

 7. The Saving of a Child from Deafness

 8. The Saving of Another Child from Deafness

 9. The Saving from Death and Healing of a Crippling Illness of an Army Officer

 10. Healing of a Tooth Infection

 11. The Saving of the Life of The Tsarevich Alexander

 12. A Mother Saved from Death

 13. A Deserting Husband Found a Woman Saved from Extreme Poverty

 14. Several Cases of Help Given to the Same Person

 15. The Saving of a Family from Disaster on Three Separate Occasions

 16. The Saving of a Son from Accidental Death

 17. A Peasant is Saved from Imprisonment Which Would Have Ruined His Family

 18. Healing of a Long Illness

 19. Help in Solving a Seemingly Unresolvable Family and Household Problem

 20. Abundant Help from the Blessed One

 21. Healing from a Constant Headache

 22. Healing from Cancer of the Breast

 23. Report of Healing in the Town of Elabug in the Vyatskaya Province

 24. Mental and Physical Healing of a Faithless Person

 25. Vindication from Slander and the Finding of a New Position

 26. Help in Several Matters Received by One Family

Kontakion, Tone 3

Appendix I

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