The Pursuit of Godliness

The Pursuit of Godliness

Five Centuries on Spiritual Ascent

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Paperback, 160 pages
Oct 22, 2024
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— About the Book —

In this concise volume, Bishop Irenei renews his exploration of the patristic genre of centuries — 100 short paragraphs that can be read individually but are connected by a common theme. Here, His Grace offers five centuries that impart, in a mode comprehensible to the contemporary reader, eternal truths expressed by the Holy Fathers on Love, on the Church, and more.

— Author Biography —

His Grace Bishop Irenei is the host of the popular A Word From the Holy Fathers podcast (Ancient Faith Ministries / Patristic Nectar Publications) and the author of Beginnings of a Life of Prayer (St Herman Press), as well as numerous scholarly books and articles.  His Grace was sometime Fellow in Patristics and Early Church History at the University of Oxford, and Chair of Theology and Religious Studies in Leeds. His Masters and Doctoral (D.Phil Oxon) works were on the theology of the earliest Church Fathers, especially St Irenaeus of Lyons.

Since 2018 Bishop Irenei is the ruling hierarch of the Diocese of London & Western Europe in the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia.

— Contents —


I. A Century on the Kingdom of God and its Attainment

II. A Century on Love

III. A Century on the Acquisition of Knowledge

IV. A Century on the Church

V. A Century on Worship and Prayer, and the Ascent of Humanity to God

A Concluding Word