What God Has Done for Our Salvation

What God Has Done for Our Salvation

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Jan 1, 2006
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— About the Book —

St. Nikodim (Nikodemos) was one of the main figures in the monastic revival on Mt. Athos in the second half of the eighteenth century. He is perhaps best known as the compiler of "The Philokalia" and the author of "Unseen Warfare." This edition offers a collection of chapters from his classic work "The Spiritual Exercises", translated into English from a Russian edition. It provides a series of meditations on questions touching on man's salvation and the pursuit of human perfection. 

— Author Biography —

Venerable Nikodim (Nikodemos) of the Holy Mountain (1749-1808) is one of the most well known Greek saints of recent times.  Having received an excellent education he entered monasticism on the Holy Mountain, where he labored in asceticism for many years, fighting for the purity of Church tradition.

The works of St. Nikodim are distinguished by their multifaceted character.  From his pen came the collections of patristic works known as the “Philokalia” and “Evergetinos,” commentaries on the psalms, the epistles, and the Church canons and liturgical texts; ascetic and polemical works, lives of the Greek new martyrs, and other works as well.

— Contents —

On the Greatness of the Divine Eucharist 

The Denial of Peter

Our Sins and Ingratitude towards God

What God has done for our Salvation

"Little" Sins

Striving for Pleasure 

The Teaching of the Gospel

The War that Christ Began

The Evil Nested in Sin

The Life of Christ

1. His Obidience to His Parents

2. His Labors

3. His Love

Thoughts on the Parable of the Prodigal Son

Our Love for God

Pride: A Great Obstacle to Our Salvation

The Treatment of Pride

Weak Faith

Sinning Depending on Last Minute Repentance 

Two Snares of the Devils

The Redemption of Man

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