My Life in Christ

My Life in Christ

The Spiritual Journals of St John of Kronstadt, Part 2

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— About the Book —

My Life in Christ has been read by millions, making it one of the most beloved modern works of Orthodox Christian spirituality. In this new edition, the English translation has been thoroughly revised and freshly typeset to make St John's own words more accessible to today's reader. The bite-sized reflections draw the reader in to the author's profound spiritual experience and love for Jesus Christ and the Church. This is the kind of book you will return to time and time again. Appropriate, relevant, and edifying reading for all Christians.
The two parts of this present edition are available separately and as a complete set.

— Author Biography —

Ivan Ilyich Sergiev (1829-1908), known to his contemporaries as Fr John of Kronstadt, was the most revered figure of the Orthodox Church of Russia in the half-century leading up to the Bolshevik revolution of 1917. In 1964 the Russian Orthodox Church outside Russia formally glorified him as a Saint. St John of Kronstadt is best known through his spiritual journal My Life in Christ, which has been read by millions.

Nicholas Kotar is a recent graduate of Holy Trinity Seminary. He is also a founding member of Conquering Time, a San Francisco-based ensemble of performance, visual, and literary artists inspired by the Inklings that stages original works of storytelling and traditional music and publishes new poetry and prose. His first novel, Raven Son, was published in 2014.


— Reviews —

"'s the kind of book that you don't simply pick up and read cover to cover but rather go back and read a chunk and meditate and chew and pray and gradually learn more and more each time."

Speaking of Books Podcast Nicholas Chapman
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My Life in Christ