Alexander Schmorell: Saint of the German Resistance

Alexander Schmorell: Saint of the German Resistance

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Paperback, 232 pages
1 Mar 2017
7 in x 5 in

— Author Biography —

Matushka Elena Perekrestov holds an MA from Norwich University. A life-long educator, she teaches at Saints Cyrill and Methodius High School (San Francisco, CA) and the Summer School of Liturgical Music at Holy Trinity Seminary (Jordanville, NY). Her husband, Archpriest Peter, is dean of the Holy Virgin Cathedral in San Francisco.

— Reviews —

Sometimes you read the lives of the saints, and they seem so... other. They belonged to royalty, or were soldiers, or lived in exotic times and places we cannot pronounce. But here is a book you can hand your college-bound teenager...Normal, healthy, funny, smart young people were willing to die to live as Christ taught." - Matushka Ann Lardas, St. Innocent Press

on 20 Aug 2019