A Psalter for Prayer

A Psalter for Prayer

An Adaptation of the Classic Miles Coverdale Translation

Edited and translated by David James
Category: Prayer & Devotion
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Paperback, 368 pages
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Flexible binding, rounded corners, sewn
May 31, 2016
5.5 in x 3 in
Printshop of St Job of Pochaev
Holy Trinity Publications

— About the Book —

The Psalms of David are the foundation of Christian worship and integral to its form and content. This edition of the classic Coverdale translation is accompanied by prayers and rubrics from the Liturgical Psalter of the Russian Church, adapted to conform to the Greek Septuagint text, and subdivided into the twenty traditional Orthodox liturgical kathismata. It is presented here for the first time in a slimmed down pocket edition to inspire daily use in prayer at home and when traveling. The text is complimented by a flexible textured binding, gold stamped cover, and three marker ribbons.

— Contents —

How the Psalter is to be said Throughout the Whole Year
The Seven Bow Beginning
Prayers before reading the Psalter
The 20 Kathismata
Prayers after reading the Psalter
The Rite chanted Following the Departure of the soul from the body
Reading the Psalter for the Departed
The Rite for Singing the Twelve Psalms
Appendix: The Numbering of the Psalms

— Reviews —

I realize that there are quite a few prayer books and liturgical texts that are oft mentioned as "must have" for Orthodox. Well, this one surely needs to be added to that list. This is the most clear and efficient of all Anglophonic Orthodox Psalters with regard to explaining and laying out how Orthodox are to read the Psalter. The "additional material" alone is worth the price of the book, and being able to have that material rightly placed within the Psalter is a great help.

The Ochlophobist


For a person who is accustomed to Coverdale (as I am), there's something very reassuring and comforting about David James' translation. He's done a good job of capturing the genius of Coverdale while bringing him more in line with the Greek Septuagint and Church Slavonic.

Fr. Benedict Crawford
Christ the Saviour Orthodox Church, McComb, Mississippi



"I do have some good news, however, of a new English Psalter based on the classic Coverdale text. It has been edited by David James and is being published with the blessing of the Russian Church Outside of Russia...but the Psalter is in English, the very best English the world has ever heard. I hope you will buy a copy when it comes out. Use it at home. Allow this most felicitous marriage of the genius of King David and the genius of Miles Coverdale to saturate your mind and your heart. When you do, I think you will begin to see the possibilities for a truly American Orthodoxy." 

Dr. Clark Carlton

Faith and Philosophy Podcast, Ancient Faith Radio