Living According to God’s Will

Living According to God’s Will

Principles for the Christian Journey

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— About the Book —

The task of man’s earthly life is preparing himself for eternal salvation and blessedness. To attain this, a man must live in a holy and pure manner - that is, according to God’s will.

In this short but incisive treatise the reader is guided on a spiritual journey that begins with the awakening of conscience and the realization of the presence of both sin and virtue in the world, culminating in a union with God: that is “a living, personal relationship with the one we love.” In following the path of this ascent the author delineates many of its markers and stresses that these have both personal and societal aspects.       

This book is suitable for both private reading and group study. Questions for discussion or contemplation are interspersed throughout this edition. A short biography of the author is also included.

— Author Biography —

Metropolitan Philaret (1903-1985) was the third First Hierarch of the Russian Orthodox Church outside of Russia. He was elected to that position in 1964, being at the time the most junior bishop among the Council. He is widely venerated throughout the Orthodox Church as a steadfast teacher of the faith.

— Contents —


The Nature of Sin


God’s Law

Freedom of Will

The Christian “I”


Conversion of Sinners

Grace and Salvation

Learning and Religion

Emotional Development

Christian Hope

Man’s Will

Work and Vows

Struggle Against Lust

Christian Death

Christian Justice

Falsehood: Christian Charity

Envy: Cursing and Anger

Insolvent Ethical Systems

Christian Love

The Orthodox Family

Family and Society

Christian Science

Christianity and Communism

Love for God and Neighbor

The Obligation to Know God

The Necessity of Prayer

The Model of Prayer

Prayer: Feasts and Fasts 

Study Questions

A Short Biography of the Late Metropolitan Philaret

The Transfer of the Blessed Remains of Metropolitan Philaret