Let Us Sing of John, The Hierarch of Christ

Let Us Sing of John, The Hierarch of Christ

CD-Audio, 23 pages
Mar 1, 2011
Printshop of St Job of Pochaev
Holy Trinity Publications
Church Slavic

— About the Book —

This recording is dedicated to the memory of St. John the Wonderworker, of Shanghai and San Francisco.  It was recorded in commemoration of the tenth anniversary of the glorification of St. John in 2004.  The recording features hymns dedicated to St. John and from the services of Great Lent.   Sung in Church Slavonic.

Available as a 2 CD set with Hymns of the Russian Orthodox Church for $29.


— Author Biography —

Hieromonk Roman (Krassovsky) is the acting head of the Russian Ecclesiastical Mission in Jerusalem. Before that he was for nearly thirty years at Holy Trinity Monastery (Jordanville, NY), where he directed the choir, edited the monastery periodical Pravoslavnaia Rus', and baked prosphora, among many other tasks. He also taught liturgics and church music at Holy Trinity Seminary.

— Contents —

1.  Bless the Lord, O My Soul - Melody of the St. Michael Hermitage 

2.  The Great Litany - A.D. Kastalsky (Petitions-Priest Andre Papkov)

3.  Lord, I have cried - Tone 6 Kievan Chant (Canonarch - Peter Fekula)

a. Two Stichera to St. John - Melody of the Sedmiyezernoy Hermitage, harmonization of Archim. Matthew (Mormyl)

b. Stichera: Having assembled today: Kievan Chant

4. Who doth not call thee blessed, O all-holy Virgin - Znameny Chant

5. O Gentle Light - A.V. Nikolsky 

6. Troparion to St. John of Shanghai and San Francisco - Tone 5 Kievan Chant, harmonization of B.M. Ledkovsky, arrangment by Priest Andre Papkov

7. Praise ye the Name of the Lord - Hieromonk Nathaniel (Bochkalo)

8. Magnification to St. John of Shanghai and San Francisco - Znameny Chant, harmonization of M.S. Konstantinov 

9. Sessional Hymn to St. John of Shanghai and San Francisco - Melody of the Kiev-Caves Monastery

10. Irmoi of the Canon of the Theotokos (1,5,8,9) - P.G. Chesnokov

11. The Great Doxology - Melody of the Kiev-Caves Monastery 

12. Another Troparion to St. John of Shanghai and San Francisco - Melody of the Kiev-Caves Monastery 

13. The Cherubic Hymn - P.G. Chesnokov

14. It is Truly Meet - Serbian Melody, harmonization of P. Dinev

15. Our Father - Regular Chant

16. My Soul, O My Soul - Melody of the Kiev - Nikolsky Monastery, arrangement by Priest Andre Papkov

17. Stichera on Palm Sunday - Melody of the Zosima Hermitage 

18. The Tri-Ode Canon of Holy Wednesday (3,8,9) - Melody of the Kiev-Caves Monastery 

19. The Tri-Ode Canon of Holy Friday (5,8,9) - Archpriest P. Turchaninov

20. The Good Thief - Melody of the Kiev-Caves Monastery 

21. The Communion Verse of Holy Saturday - B.M. Ledkovsky

22. Stichera of Pascha - Melody of the Zosima Hermitage, harmonization of Hieromonk Nathaniel (Bochkalo)

23. Christ is Risen - A. Astafiev