Hymns of the Russian Orthodox Church: 50th Anniversary Holy Trinity Monastery 1930-1980

Hymns of the Russian Orthodox Church: 50th Anniversary Holy Trinity Monastery 1930-1980

6 Jan 2014
5 in x 5.5 in
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Church Slavic

— About the Book —

In 1980 Holy Trinity Monastery in Jordanville, NY celebrated its fiftieth anniversary. In this recording, the Seminary choir chose fifteen various chants that are typical of the daily liturgical life of the monastery. In an additional track, one hears the bells of the monastery peal forth.  Sung in Church Slavonic.

Available as a 2 CD set with Let Us Sing of John  for $29.

— Contents —

Hymns from Vespers & Matins

1) “Bless the Lord, O my soul” (Psalm 103) Chant of the Trinity-St. Sergius Lavra

2) “Lord, I have cried unto Thee” - Tone III, Kievan Chant. Canonarch: Hierodeacon Andronik

3) ‘’Who would not bless Thee”  (Dogmaticon) - Tone VI, Znamenny Chant

4) ‘’O Gladsome Light” - Znamenny Chant

5) “Praise ye the name of the Lord” – Kievan Chant

6) “From my youth” (Hymns of Ascent) -”Greek” Chant

7) “Holy is the Lord our God” - Tone III, Kievan Chant  Intoned by Hierodeacon Andronik

8) "To thee, the Champion Leader" - Allemanov 

Selected Hymns

9) “ Rejoice Thou, O Queen” (Megalynarion of Pentecost) – Turchaninov

10) “What cavern of the earth” (Sticheron to  St. Herman of Alaska) - Chant of the Kiev Lavra

11) “On the third day” (Automelon, Tone VI) - Arranged by Hierodeacon Alexis (Rosentool)

12) Exapostilarion of Pentecost – Prosomion:  “Hearken, O ye women”

13) Kontakion to the Pochaev Icon of the Theotokos - Pochaev Lavra Chant

14) “ It is truly meet” (Hymn to the Virgin) -  Bulgarian Chant

15) “Many years” - Chant of the Kiev-Caves Lavra,  Intoned by Protodeacon Joseph Jarostchuk

16) The bells of Holy Trinity Monastery

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