Saint Anatoly (Zertsalov)

St. Anatoly of Optina was born on March 24, 1824 in the village of Bobolya, and named Alexis at birth.  From his youth he expressed a desire for the monastic life, and after a visit to the Optina monastery he became a novice there.  Soon tonsured and given the name Anatoly, he was under obedience to St. Macarius.  After his elder’s repose in 1860, and becoming closer with St. Ambrose, St. Anatoly was entrusted with the training of future monks at the monastery.  Becoming an aide to St. Ambrose, during the latter’s illness; St. Anatoly was responsible for the spiritual correspondence with the nuns of the Shamordino Convent.  St. Anatoly died on January 25 1894.  He was canonized, along with the rest of the Optina Elders, in 1990.