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Six Lectures on the History of the Mystery of Repentance

This is a translation of six lectures originally delivered in Moscow during Great Lent, 1926. Whilst they are specifically concerned with preventing the abuse of "general confession," in so doing they set out succinctly the history of this essential Christian sacrament and of the necessity of its correct use in the Church today.

Pamphlet    $4.95
9780884651284 | Published: January 1996

Striving Toward God

Abbess Arsenia’s counsels are steeped in Holy Scripture and in the inspiration that she draws from the services of the Orthodox Church. Throughout, she emphasizes the need to humble oneself, discern the will of God, and fulfill it through every moment of our life.

Paperback    $19.95
9780884653974 | Published: February 2016

Electronic book text (MobiPocket)   $14.99

Electronic book text (EPUB)   $9.99

The Struggle for Virtue

Archbishop Averky addresses head on the question, “What is asceticism?”  He counters the many false understandings that exist and shows that the practice of authentic asceticism is integral to the spiritual life and the path to blessed communion with God.

Paperback    $16.95
9780884653738 | Published: September 2014

Electronic book text (MobiPocket)   $9.99

Electronic book text (EPUB)   $9.99

The Arena

This title has been replaced by a new edition. Please click here for further details.

9780884650119 | Published: January 1997

Words of a Shepherd

Profound but simple thoughts from a contemporary Serbian Orthodox pastor. They offer practical wisdom for daily living informed by a deeply Orthodox understanding of life as a gift from God. 

Paperback    $12.95
9780884651031 | Published: January 2006

Аскетические опыты: том I

Сочинения Епископа Игнатия Брянчанинова

9780317289350 | Published: January 1985

Аскетические опыты: Том III

Полное собрание сочинений Епископа Игнатия Брянчанинова

Paperback    $12.95
9780884653097 | Published: January 1983

Душеполезныя поучения и послания

с присовокуплением вопросов его и ответов на оные Варсануфия великаго и Иоанна пророка

Paperback    $12.95
9780884650362 | Published: January 1970

Из миссионерско-пастырской деятельности на ниве Христовой в эмиграции

Краткая исповедь пред духовником

Включается также молитва повседневного исповедания человека, вступающего на путь спасения (из творений Св. Димитрия, митрополита Ростовского) и отрывок из книги Митрополита Антония (Храповицкого) «Исповедь»

Pamphlet    $2.95
9780884653103 | Published: January 1976

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