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A Psalter for Prayer

The Psalms have been at the heart of Christian prayer from the very beginning, but this Psalter is the first major English edition to include all the prayers needed to read the Psalter at home according to an Orthodox tradition that reaches back to the time of the desert fathers, known popularly as the 'cell rule.’

9780884651888 | Published: April 2011

Hardback    $39.95
9780884654742 | Published: March 2019

Electronic book text (MobiPocket)   $19.95
9780884652342 | Published: March 2012

Electronic book text (EPUB)  
9780884651987 | Published: March 2012

Season of Repentance

For the first time a selection of St John's Lenten sermons is presented in English translation. They follow the thematic structure of the Lenten season in the Orthodox Church, from the Sunday of the Publican and the Pharisee through to Great and Holy Friday. A sermon for St Thomas Sunday, that follows Holy Pascha, is offered as an Epilogue.

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Paperback    $17.95
9780884653844 | Published: January 2015

Electronic book text (Kindle)  
9780884653943 | Published: February 2015

Electronic book text (EPUB)   $9.99
9780884653936 | Published: February 2015

Service Book

This convenient pocket size sewn volume contains two books in one: All the necessary texts for the celebration of the liturgy by the priest and deacon, interpolated with comprehensive rubrical directions, and "Instructional Information" explaining how the clergy should prepare themselves to celebrate divine services.


Hardback    $28.00
9780884651277 | Published: January 1999

Service, Akathist, Life and Miracles of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker

Contains all the liturgical texts for the Feast day of St. Nicholas on December 6, together with an Akathist hymn in his honor and an extended prayer to him. A short life of the saint is also included followed by an account of some of the miracles worked through the prayers of the saint after his earthly repose.

Paperback    $7.95
9780884651260 | Published: January 1996

The Sunday of Holy Pentecost

This compact volume, available either individually or as a pack of twelve copies,
provides texts and rubrics in the English language for this central Feast of the Church Year.  

Quantity pack    $50.00
9780884653547 | Published: June 2013

Paperback    $4.95
9780884651420 | Published: January 2008

Twelve Passion Gospels

During the Orthodox celebration of Holy Week, the Church relives the arrest, trial, sufferings, and crucifixion of Jesus Christ.  On Matins of Holy Friday Christ's Parrion in all four Gospels is read aloud in church.  This book provides the English text for those twelve Passion Gospel readings.  

Paperback    $2.95
9780884650768 | Published: January 1996

The Unabbreviated Horologion or Book of the Hours

One of the most important service books of the Orthodox Church. In traditional English using the Psalter as translated by Holy Transfiguration Monastery. This book has the fixed texts for all the daily services of the Orthodox Church.

Hardback    $40.00
9780884651307 | Published: January 1997

Hardback    $40.00
9780884653714 | Published: January 1997

Electronic book text (MobiPocket)   $24.95
9780884653134 | Published: October 2012

Electronic book text (EPUB)   $24.95
9780884653127 | Published: October 2012

Акафист Иконе Пресвятой Богородицы Державная

явления ради чудотворныя ее иконы в селе Коломенском, близ города Москвы

Paperback    $5.95
9780884651406 | Published: January 2007

Акафист святому блаженному Прокопию, Христа ради юродивому, Устюжскому чудотворцу

Церковно-славянский шрифт

Pamphlet    $3.95
9780884653172 | Published: January 1974

Богослужебный Апостол - красный

Апостол для ежедневного богослужения, подходящий как соборам так и маленьким приходам. красный цвета, в твердом переплете.

Hardback    $125.00

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