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The Icon of the Nevskaya Mother of God

This small but expansive work is a window into churchly culture as the reader is drawn into the journey of the Mt. Athos Icon of the Mother of God "Quick to Hear" to Russia in 1877. Through God's grace a new and distinct icon emerged, now recognized as the Nevskaya Icon of the Mother of God "Quick to Hear." 

Paperback    $9.95
9780884651857 | Published: November 2010

The Life and Miracles of Blessed Xenia of St. Petersburg

The story of one of Russia's best known "fools for Christ," is followed by testimonies to her many miracles. The question of the time of her birth and death and the construction of the Chapel by her grave in the Smolensk cemetery in St. Petersburg is also discussed.

Pamphlet    $7.95
9780884650003 | Published: January 1997

The Life and Sufferings of the Holy Martyr Eugenia- The life of the Holy Hieromartyr Antipas

A collection of the lives of two Roman martyrs of the Early Church.

Pamphlet    $3.95
9780884650973 | Published: January 2005

The Life of St Nina Equal-to-the-Apostles and Enlightener of Georgia

A life of one of the greatest female saints, who for her missionary success was given the title Equal of the Apostles. 

Pamphlet    $3.95
9780884650744 | Published: January 1988

The Life of St. Alexis the Man of God

The life of St. Alexis, an early Christian and Fool for Christ of the 5th century, recounts his remarkable story.

Pamphlet    $2.95
9780884651024 | Published: January 2006

The Martha - Mary Convent

This short work sets forth in the Grand Duchess's own words her vision for monastic life in inner city early twentieth century Moscow. Of interest to all who have a concern for the poor and outcasts of society. Well illustrated with black and white photos.

Pamphlet    $8.95
9780884650454 | Published: January 2005

Miracles of St. Philaret Metropolitan of Moscow (1782-1867)

A brief life of the recently canonized (2001) Metropolitan of Moscow is followed by accounts of miracles worked through his prayers.

Pamphlet    $2.95
9780884651369 | Published: January 2003


The author was the daughter of a wealthy Russian landowner, who first visited the Optina hermitage in April 1919. She met the Elders Nektary and Anatoly during her own search for spiritual truth. They helped to deliver her from occultism and bring her into the Church. This is her vivid account of these meetings.

Pamphlet    $2.95
9780884651246 | Published: January 1993

The Romanovs Under House Arrest
Book    $29.95
9780884654544 | Published: April 2018

Saint Paisios the Great

The life of one of the greatest saints who lived in the Egyptian Desert. St. Paisios lived during the fourth century and the later Egyptian father, St. John the Dwarf, composed this life. In addition to the life of St. Paisios and the main liturgical hymns in his honor, this volume offers part of the life of St. John the Dwarf from the Synaxarion.

Pamphlet    $3.95
9780884650140 | Published: January 1998

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