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Новый опыт учения о богопознании и другия статьи

17-ый том издания «Жизнеописание и творения Блаженнейшаго Антония, Митрополита Киевскаго и Галицкаго» под редакцией Архиепископа Никона

Paperback    $9.95
9780884652755 | Published: January 1969

Беседы с собственным сердцем

Духовные размышления и заметки.

Paperback    $12.95
9780884652250 | Published: January 1998

О жизни, о вере, о церкви

Сборник статей: вера церкви и человеческий разум

Paperback    $12.95
9780884652656 | Published: January 1976

Beacon of Hope

A wealth of spiritual instruction is to be found in this selection of teachings given by Fr. Ilarion between 1966 and 2008. The sermons are based on specific feast days and commemorations in the Church year. Regarding the need for spiritual food Fr. Ilarion said, "We must never lose our taste for it; rather, for us it must be the sweetness, the joy, and the warmth of the Holy Spirit.” More Information

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Paperback    $14.95
9780884651901 | Published: March 2012

Electronic book text (Kindle)   $12.95
9780884652472 | Published: August 2012

Electronic book text (EPUB)   $4.99
9780884652069 | Published: August 2012

A Collection of Letters to Nuns

Originally published in Russian in 1910, this volume is made up of 382 letters of spiritual counsel by the Optina Elder Hieroschemamonk Anatoly (Zertsalov) to nuns. Includes the life of St. Anatoly, a glossary, an index of topics, and a table of letters.

Paperback    $19.95
9780884650539 | Published: January 1993


This is a classic work of pastoral theology. Whilst written primarily as a manual for priests hearing confessions it is also of great value to all who struggle with the passions.

Paperback    $9.95
9780884650058 | Published: January 1975

Conversations With My Heart

These reflections from the diary of Metropolitan Anastasy in the calamitous post-revolutionary period offer the groanings of his heart and musings on the eternal mercy of God, which he writes “are part of my very essence.” They draw upon wisdom from sources as diverse as writers of classical antiquity, authors, composers and inventors of the age of enlightenment, offering unique perspectives on these.

Book    $19.95
9780884654728 | Published: March 2019

A Defence of Monasticism

The question is often asked, "Why monasticism?" This book sets forth a monastic apology.  Written by the second head of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia Metropolitan Anastassy (Gribanovsky), also a member of the monastic revival of late 19th century Russia.

Paperback    $3.95
9780884650553 | Published: January 2000

The Field

Are we willing to respond to the challenge of a life lived in accordance with the Christian Gospel? St Ignatius' writing is the Christian tradition at its deepest, intensely practical but also transcendent and mystical. For further details click here.

Paperback    $19.95
9780884653769 | Published: December 2016

Electronic book text (Kindle)   $19.95

Electronic book text (EPUB)   $19.95

How To Live A Holy Life

Beginning with an appeal to live a Christian life, the writer goes on to explain how we should conduct ourselves in happiness, misfortune, wealth, poverty, illness and so forth. All this is described as we are taken through a standard day from waking up in the morning until retiring to bed.

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Paperback    $13.95
9780884650898 | Published: January 2005

Electronic book text (Kindle)   $11.95
9780884653677 | Published: November 2013

Electronic book text (EPUB)   $6.99
9780884653660 | Published: November 2013

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