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Book for Commemoration of the Living and the Dead

[This book of prayers is reprinting. It should be available in January of 2017] As used in the Russian tradition, to be handed to the priest with the small prosphora before the beginning of the liturgy. This book contains eighty-two pages of prayers in English with two  pages to list the names of the living and three pages to list the names of the dead.

9780884651161 | Published: January 1998

Book for the Commemoration of the Living and Dead

This book provides twenty-three pages for listing the names of living Orthodox loved ones to pray for and provides twenty-three pages to list Orthodox loved ones who have died. There is one prayer in English for the living  and one prayer in English for the dead as well as two half tone icons. In  the Russian tradition, this book is  handed to the priest with the small prosphora before the beginning of the liturgy. The booklet has a card cover with saddle stitch binding printed in red and black ink.

Other book format    $6.95
9780884653783 | Published: June 2014

Book of Akathists Volume I

An invaluable year-round devotional resource, for use both in church and at home. Contains six Akathist hymns to Our Saviour, four to the Mother of God, and twelve to various saints. (See detailed description) Also provides music for typical akathist refrains.

To download the Erratum, click here.

Hardback    $28.00
9780884650591 | Published: January 2007

Book of Akathists Volume II

An invaluable year round devotional resource. Contains Akathist hymns for the Ascension and Nativity of Christ, an Akathist to the Holy Spirit, for seven different icons of the Mother of God, and for various Saints. (See detailed description.)

Hardback    $28.00
9780884651413 | Published: January 2008

The Canons For Holy Communion


9780884651178 | Published: January 2002

A Champion of Good

Psalm 111:6 reminds us that "in everlasting remembrance shall the Righteous be." This book celebrates this injunction in its vivid portrayal of a modern elder of the Russian Orthodox Church and monk of the Glinsk monastery. More... 

BitLit LogoPurchase of this print edition entitles you to a steep discount on the digital version through our partner BitLit.

Paperback    $19.95
9780884651895 | Published: October 2011

Electronic book text (MobiPocket)   $15.95
9780884652304 | Published: January 2012

Electronic book text (EPUB)   $15.95
9780884652076 | Published: January 2012

Chosen For His People

St Tikhon, Patriarch of Moscow (Vasily Ivanovich Bellavin, 1865-1925) is one of the most important figures of both Russian and Orthodox Church history in the twentieth century. Yet ninety years after his death this remains the only complete biography ever published in the English language. It has now been updated and revised with a new preface and bibliography, together with revised and additional endnotes, by Scott M. Kenworthy.

Paperback    $16.95
9781942699026 | Published: July 2015

Electronic book text (EPUB)  
9781942699033 | Published: June 2015

The Christian Faith and War

Written by one of the leading Bishop's of the Russian Church shortly after the start of World War I. It is a defense of the necessity of taking up arms and shows how this relates to the Christian tradition of pacificm.

Pamphlet    $3.50
9780884650874 | Published: January 1998

Christianity or the Church?

Christianity is presented here not as an abstract teaching to which mental assent is given, but as a life which unites separate persons in a way which can be said to be similar to the unity of the Persons of the Holy Trinity.

Pamphlet    $6.95
9780884650836 | Published: January 1997

Clergy Service Book

In a convenient pocket size this book contains all the clergy parts for the services of Vespers, the Midnight Office, Matins and the All Night Vigil, following the order of the corresponding service book in Church Slavonic.

Hardback    $28.00
9780884651338 | Published: January 2002

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