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Руководство по гомилетике

Курс лекций, читанных Арх. Аверкием в Свято-Троицкой Духовной Семинарии в 1951-1959 г.г.

Paperback    $6.95
9780317302769 | Published: January 1961

Радость о Господе

Сборник духовных сочинений

Hardback    $19.00
9780884652700 | Published: January 2000

Церковь и ея учение в жизни (собрание сочинений) – Том III

Собрание сочинений на разные темы, связанные с современным миром и церковью

Paperback    $15.95
9780884652434 | Published: January 1992

Проповеди Святителя Софрония, Патриарха Иерусалимского

Слова и беседы в защиту Православной веры против ереси Монофелитства

Paperback    $10.95
9780884652663 | Published: January 1988

On Miracles and Signs

Extracted from the letters of this great nineteenth century Russian saint, this short work profoundly conveys a truly Christian understanding of those "who seek for a sign," perhaps even more relevant now then when first written.

Pamphlet    $2.50
9780884651222 | Published: January 1997

Душе моя, возстани

Сборник духовных сочинений

Hardback    $29.00
9780884652687 | Published: January 1993

Season of Repentance

For the first time a selection of St John's Lenten sermons is presented in English translation. They follow the thematic structure of the Lenten season in the Orthodox Church, from the Sunday of the Publican and the Pharisee through to Great and Holy Friday. A sermon for St Thomas Sunday, that follows Holy Pascha, is offered as an Epilogue.

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Paperback    $17.95
9780884653844 | Published: January 2015

Electronic book text (Kindle)  
9780884653943 | Published: February 2015

Electronic book text (EPUB)   $9.99
9780884653936 | Published: February 2015

Six Lectures on the History of the Mystery of Repentance

This is a translation of six lectures originally delivered in Moscow during Great Lent, 1926. Whilst they are specifically concerned with preventing the abuse of "general confession," in so doing they set out succinctly the history of this essential Christian sacrament and of the necessity of its correct use in the Church today.

Pamphlet    $4.95
9780884651284 | Published: January 1996

Из миссионерско-пастырской деятельности на ниве Христовой в эмиграции

Проповедническая Хрестоматия: том I

Полный круг церковных бесед, поучений и слов, в трех томах.

Paperback    $20.95
9780884653202 | Published: January 1963

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