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Руководство к пониманию православного богослужения

Шестопсалмие, часы и песнопения воскресные, праздничные, и великопостные на славянском языке с русским переводом.

Paperback    $8.95
9780884652618 | Published: January 1990

Великий Четверг

Служба на день Великого Четверга

Paperback    $8.95
9780884652625 | Published: January 1984

Сборник благопотребных молений и чинов

короткий и удобный сборник молитв и чинов из требника и иерейского молитвослова

Paperback    $5.95
9780884652274 | Published: January 1977

Требник дополнительный

Содержит чины молебных пений, освящение храма, «егда творит е иерей», чины присоединения к Православию, полное последование над страждущими от злых духов и много других чинопоследований, заимствованных из иерейскаго молитвослова и др. источников.

9780884652724 | Published: January 1961

The Order of Small Compline and Evening Prayers

This office is typically served after supper and before sleep.
It is presented here according to the usage of Holy Trinity Monastery, Jordanville.

Paperback    $4.95
9780884651291 | Published: June 2011

Akathist for Holy Communion

A short akathist dedicated to the Holy Eucharist.

9780884651017 | Published: January 2006

Akathist to the Lesna Icon of the Theotokos

This akathist service is to the wonderworking Lesna Icon of the Theotokos.

Pamphlet    $2.95
9780884651345 | Published: January 2004

All-Night Vigil

This pocket-size hieratikon contains all the texts necessary for a deacon or priest in serving the daily hours of the Orthodox Church - Vespers, Compline, Midnight Office, Matins and the hours in a parallel Church Slavonic-English text. For further information click here.

Hardback    $39.00
9780884654636 | Published: January 2019

Book of Akathists Volume I

An invaluable year-round devotional resource, for use both in church and at home. Contains six Akathist hymns to Our Saviour, four to the Mother of God, and twelve to various saints. (See detailed description) Also provides music for typical akathist refrains.

To download the Erratum, click here.

Hardback    $29.00   RRP: $28.00.  You save $0.00
9780884650591 | Published: January 2007

The Order of  Holy Matrimony

A traditional English translation of the marriage service as celebrated in the Orthodox Church. It includes the betrothal, the crowning, and the removal of the crowns.  This booklet has the texts for all the participants: priest, deacon, and chanter. It will also allow wedding guests to follow the service. 

Pamphlet    $4.95
9780884652083 | Published: April 2011

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