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Беседы с собственным сердцем

Духовные размышления и заметки.

Paperback    $12.95
9780884652250 | Published: January 1998

Крины сельные

Цветы прекрасные, собранные вкратце от Божественного Писания, о заповедях Божиих и о святых добродетелях.

Paperback    $5.95
9780884652267 | Published: January 1985

Light Invisible

In this classic early twentieth century text a little known Russian philosopher and theologian addresses the question of how one obtains happiness, peace and joy; and offers answers rooted in the tradition of the Orthodox Christian East and the lives of its sainted Christian men and women.  More Information.

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Paperback    $19.95
9780884651871 | Published: April 2011

Electronic book text (MobiPocket)   $18.95
9780884652311 | Published: January 2012

Electronic book text (EPUB)   $18.95
9780884651994 | Published: January 2012

Моя Жизнь во Христе

минуты духовнаго трезвения и созерцания, благоговейнаго цувства, душевнаго исправления и покоя в Боге

Hardback    $25.00
9780884651673 | Published: January 1988

Conversations With My Heart

These reflections from the diary of Metropolitan Anastasy in the calamitous post-revolutionary period offer the groanings of his heart and musings on the eternal mercy of God, which he writes “are part of my very essence.” They draw upon wisdom from sources as diverse as writers of classical antiquity, authors, composers and inventors of the age of enlightenment, offering unique perspectives on these.

Book    $19.95
9780884654728 | Published: March 2019

The Field

Are we willing to respond to the challenge of a life lived in accordance with the Christian Gospel? St Ignatius' writing is the Christian tradition at its deepest, intensely practical but also transcendent and mystical. For further details click here.

Paperback    $19.95
9780884653769 | Published: December 2016

Electronic book text (Kindle)   $19.95

Electronic book text (EPUB)   $19.95

Indication of the Way into the Kingdom of Heaven

This introduction to what it means to be a Christian appeals both to the heart and mind of its readers. Its timelessness and universality are beyond dispute as it has been in print continually in English for sixty years and for nearly 180 years in its original Aleut and then Russian language editions. This new edition includes "Points for Reflection" that can be used both by an individual reader and for a group study.

Click here for further information.

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Paperback    $9.95
9780884653035 | Published: January 2013

Electronic book text (Kindle)   $5.95
9780884653059 | Published: February 2013

Electronic book text (EPUB)   $3.95
9780884650034 | Published: February 2013

Journey to Heaven

Saint Tikhon of Zadonsk gives his counsel on living the Christian life. It touches many areas from "Love of God" to "The Way of Duty". The translator writes: "I have found this book to repay each reading with refreshment of spirit and a strengthened resolve to lead a Christian life."

Paperback    $17.95
9780884650461 | Published: January 1991

Missionary Conversations With Protestant Sectarians

These conversations were taken from real life encounters and were chosen because they refute heresy in a clear way.

Pamphlet    $3.95
9780884650805 | Published: January 1985

My Life in Christ

My Life in Christ has been read by millions, making it one of the most beloved modern works of Orthodox Christian spirituality. Saint John's bite-sized reflections draw the reader in to the author's profound spiritual experience and love for Jesus Christ and the Church. This is the kind of book you will return to time and time again. Appropriate, relevant, and edifying reading for all Christians.

Paperback    $22.95
9780884654070 | Published: December 2015

Electronic book text (MobiPocket)   $11.95

Electronic book text (EPUB)   $11.95

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