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Русская Церковь перед лицом господствующаго зла

Очерк по истории Русской церкви в ХХ-ом веке

Paperback    $10.95
9780884652595 | Published: January 1991

Очерки из истории догмата о Церкви

Историческое развитие и уточнение догмата о Церкви от времен апостольских до времени Бл. Августина

Paperback    $20.95

К истории русских церковных разделений заграницей

Опровержение ошибок и неправд в сочинении Д. Поспеловского "The Russian Church under the Soviet Regime 1917-1982"

Paperback    $5.95
9780884652601 | Published: January 1992

Послания Святого Игнатия Антиохийскаго и Святаго Поликарпа Смирнскаго

перепечатано из книги "Писания мужей апостольских в русском переводе"

Paperback    $5.95
9780884652168 | Published: January 1975

Свидетельство обвинения

Церковь и государство в Советском Союзе

Paperback    $13.95
9780961641337 | Published: January 1987

Святитель Иоанн (Максимович) и Русская Зарубежная Церковь

 жизнеописание св. Иоанна Шанхайскаго и Сан-Францисскаго

Pamphlet    $2.95
9780884652298 | Published: January 1996

Свидетельство обвинения

Церковь и государство в Советском Союзе

Paperback    $13.95
9780961641351 | Published: January 1988

The Making of Holy Russia

This book is a critical study of the interaction between Russian Church and society in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century.  Whilst other studies exist that draw attention to the voices in the Church typified as “liberal” in the years leading up to the Revolution, this work introduces the reader to a wide range of “conservative” opinion that equally strove for spiritual renewal and the spread of the Gospel.  More Information

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Paperback    $28.95
9780884653295 | Published: September 2013

Hardback    $45.00
9780884653462 | Published: September 2013

Electronic book text (MobiPocket)   $19.99
9780884653486 | Published: August 2013

Electronic book text (EPUB)   $19.99
9780884653479 | Published: August 2013

The Orthodox Church Calendar

This booklet contains two articles arguing in defense of the use the Old or Julian Calendar in the Orthodox Church: "The 70th Anniversary of the Pan-Orthodox Congress in Constantinople: A Major Step on the Path Towards Apostasy" by Bishop Photius of Triaditsa, and "The Julian Calendar: An Icon of Time in Russia and Throughout the Orthodox World" by Ludmila Perepiolkina.

Pamphlet    $4.95
9780884650614 | Published: January 1996

The Russian Orthodox Church Abroad

This book offers both a brief history (up to 1996) and an explanation of the position of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad. It also includes a life of St. John Maximovitch and a list of key dates in the Church's life.

Pamphlet    $5.95
9780884651253 | Published: January 1997

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