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Моя Жизнь во Христе

минуты духовнаго трезвения и созерцания, благоговейнаго цувства, душевнаго исправления и покоя в Боге

Hardback    $25.00
9780884651673 | Published: January 1988

Жизнеописания Афонских подвижников благочестия XIX века

"Буди ревнитель право живущим, и сих житие и деяние пиши на сердце своем."  - Св. Василий Великий

Paperback    $12.95
9780884651666 | Published: January 1988

A Champion of Good

Psalm 111:6 reminds us that "in everlasting remembrance shall the Righteous be." This book celebrates this injunction in its vivid portrayal of a modern elder of the Russian Orthodox Church and monk of the Glinsk monastery. More... 

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Paperback    $19.95
9780884651895 | Published: October 2011

Electronic book text (MobiPocket)   $15.95
9780884652304 | Published: January 2012

Electronic book text (EPUB)   $5.99
9780884652076 | Published: January 2012

Conversations With My Heart

These reflections from the diary of Metropolitan Anastasy in the calamitous post-revolutionary period offer the groanings of his heart and musings on the eternal mercy of God, which he writes “are part of my very essence.” They draw upon wisdom from sources as diverse as writers of classical antiquity, authors, composers and inventors of the age of enlightenment, offering unique perspectives on these.

Book    $19.95
9780884654728 | Published: March 2019

The Icon of the Nevskaya Mother of God

This small but expansive work is a window into churchly culture as the reader is drawn into the journey of the Mt. Athos Icon of the Mother of God "Quick to Hear" to Russia in 1877. Through God's grace a new and distinct icon emerged, now recognized as the Nevskaya Icon of the Mother of God "Quick to Hear." 

Paperback    $9.95
9780884651857 | Published: November 2010

The Journey Beyond Death

This work by Archimandrite Panteleimon, the founder of Holy Trinity Monastery, deals with the journey of the soul after death.  The testing of the soul is also gone into at length.

Pamphlet    $3.95
9780884650843 | Published: January 1998

Journey to Heaven

Saint Tikhon of Zadonsk gives his counsel on living the Christian life. It touches many areas from "Love of God" to "The Way of Duty". The translator writes: "I have found this book to repay each reading with refreshment of spirit and a strengthened resolve to lead a Christian life."

Paperback    $17.95
9780884650461 | Published: January 1991

Living the Faith

This work includes  three hundred and eighty-two letters of spiritual counsel from the Optina Elder Hieroschemamonk Anatoly (Zertsalov).  Written in a tone that is both firm and tender, they are the words of a caring father for his spiritual children These letters, while originally addressed to nuns, can be applied with profit to all Christians, both monastic and lay. This digital edition includes four photos as well as the life of St. Anatoly, a glossary, an index of topics, and a table of letters.

Electronic book text (Kindle)  

Electronic book text (EPUB)   $5.95
9780884654179 | Published: March 2016

Living Without Hypocrisy

The Optina monastery, south of Moscow, was in many ways the greatest spiritual center of nineteenth-century Russia. Here we are offered wisdom from the Elders of that time in the form of pithy thoughts organized thematically under headings.

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Hardback    $19.00
9780884650928 | Published: January 2005

Electronic book text (Kindle)   $9.99
9780884653691 | Published: January 2005

Electronic book text (EPUB)   $9.99
9780884653684 | Published: January 2005

My Life in Christ

This hardback format has been replaced by a new editioin. Click here for details.

9780884650188 | Published: January 2000

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