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К истории русских церковных разделений заграницей

Опровержение ошибок и неправд в сочинении Д. Поспеловского "The Russian Church under the Soviet Regime 1917-1982"

Paperback    $5.95
9780884652601 | Published: January 1992

Свидетельство обвинения

Церковь и государство в Советском Союзе

Paperback    $13.95
9780961641337 | Published: January 1987

Свидетельство обвинения

Церковь и государство в Советском Союзе

Paperback    $13.95
9780961641351 | Published: January 1988

Embassy, Emigrants, and Englishmen

A fascinating look at the Russian Orthodox Church abroad through the lens of one imperial embassy church turned self-supporting parish. This history offers perspectives on modern English and European history from the vantage point of a little known minority community, supported by translations of primary sources not found anywhere else.

Paperback    $28.95
9780884653363 | Published: October 2014

Hardback    $39.00
9780884653813 | Published: October 2014

Electronic book text (MobiPocket)   $19.99

Electronic book text (EPUB)   $29.99
9780884653820 | Published: October 2014

The Orthodox Church Calendar

This booklet contains two articles arguing in defense of the use the Old or Julian Calendar in the Orthodox Church: "The 70th Anniversary of the Pan-Orthodox Congress in Constantinople: A Major Step on the Path Towards Apostasy" by Bishop Photius of Triaditsa, and "The Julian Calendar: An Icon of Time in Russia and Throughout the Orthodox World" by Ludmila Perepiolkina.

Pamphlet    $4.95
9780884650614 | Published: January 1996

The Russian Orthodox Church Abroad

This book offers both a brief history (up to 1996) and an explanation of the position of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad. It also includes a life of St. John Maximovitch and a list of key dates in the Church's life.

Pamphlet    $5.95
9780884651253 | Published: January 1997

The Truth about the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad

An apology for the canonical position of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia.

Pamphlet    $2.95
9780884650041 | Published: January 2002

Государственное Учение Филарета Митрополита Московскаго

Его собственными словами

Paperback    $5.00
9780884652106 | Published: January 1997

История Христианской Церкви

Курс лекций читанный в Свято-Троицкой семинарии в Джорданвилле.

Paperback    $15.95
9780884651970 | Published: January 1964

Семь вселенских соборов

По руководству Четьих-Миней Св. Димитрия Ростовскаго

Paperback    $8.95
9780317302929 | Published: January 1968