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Archbishop Anthony of Voronezh

A life of one of the great Russian bishops and ascetics of the 19th Century.  Born in 1773, he met and knew several Russian Tsars, who came to respect his counsel. This life also includes 44 precepts of Archbishop Anthony, sayings his disciples gathered on various topics of spiritual edification.

Pamphlet    $1.99
9780884650799 | Published: January 1987

Hieroschemamonk Feofil

A life of this ascetic and visionary of the Kiev Caves Lavra. Considered by some to be the model for the character of the holy fool in the popular Russian film "Ostrov" (The Island).


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Paperback    $4.95
9780884650577 | Published: January 1998

The Life and Miracles of Blessed Xenia of St. Petersburg

The story of one of Russia's best known "fools for Christ," is followed by testimonies to her many miracles. The question of the time of her birth and death and the construction of the Chapel by her grave in the Smolensk cemetery in St. Petersburg is also discussed.

Pamphlet    $7.95
9780884650003 | Published: January 1997

The Young Elder

The life of Elder Ambrose, whilst short by earthly standards, is presented to the reader as an ideal of the monastic life. This fascinating life is preceded by a detailed overview of the Orthodox understanding of monasticism and the chief characteristics of it, starting with the assumption that "Monasticism is the barometer of Church life."

Pamphlet    $2.95
9780884651321 | Published: January 2000