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The Great Canon: The Work of Saint Andrew of Crete

This second edition replaces ISBN: 9780884651192.  It uses the traditional English translation of Kallsitos Ware and Motehr Mary. It is theclassic canon of repentance, chanted in during Lent and includes the Life of Mary of Egypt.

Book    $9.95
9780884654520 | Published: January 2017

Holy Trinity Monastery

The spiritual center of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad comes alive in this short booklet featuring approx. 150 full-color images spanning the 87-year history of Holy Trinity Monastery. 

Book    $9.95
9780884654599 | Published: June 2017

Ordinary Wonders

In a manner reminiscent of the bestselling "Everyday Saints" these tales by renowned author Olesia Nikolaeva eveal a common theme - the subtle, sometimes imperceptible movement of Divine Providence at work in the lives of saints and sinners alike.

Book    $19.95
9780884654230 | Published: May 2018

A Psalter for Prayer

A Psalter for Prayer is the first major English edition to include all the prayers needed to read the Psalter at home according to an Orthodox tradition that reaches back to the time of the desert fathers, known popularly as the 'cell rule'. The pocket edition is presented here in a slimmed down pocket edition to inspire daily use in prayer at home and when traveling. The text is complimented by a flexible textured sewn binding, gold stamped cover, and three marker ribbons.  Click here for further information.

Book    $14.95
9780884654186 | Published: May 2016

The Romanovs Under House Arrest

Book    $29.95
9780884654544 | Published: March 2018

The Rule for Holy Communion

This comprehensive booklet contains the prayers used by an Orthodox Christian when preparing to receive Holy Communion, together with the post-Communion Prayers of Thanksgiving. See here for more details.

Book    $9.95
9780884653301 | Published: October 2017

The Wonderworking Kursk Root Icon of the Mother of God

The grace of God is manifested in the wonders of nature that surrounds us. This is apparent both in the beauty of the natural world and in the everyday blessings in our lives. Yet history is filled with instances of supernatural grace, or miracles. Such was the appearance of the Kursk Root Icon of the Mother of God found by a hunter in a forest near the Tuscary river. The text that accompanies this coloring book recounts the history of the icon, miracles associated with it -- including the healing of St Seraphim of Sarov, and the hymns associated with its feastday in the Orthodox Christian Church.

The artwork includes lavish borders in an old Russian style that together with the illustrations will be a joy to color. Together with the text they will make an excellent gift or school room resource.

Book    $7.95
9780884654506 | Published: October 2017

Обозрение пророческих книг Ветхого Завета

Originally published in St Petersburg in 1899 this new edition from Holy Trinity Monastery was published in 1988.   The standard Jordanville Seminary textbook for the study of second year Old Testament.

Book    $9.95