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Panteleimon (Nizhnik)

Archimandrite Panteleimon was the founder and first abbot of Holy Trinity Monastery, in Jordanville New York.  Father Panteleimon was born Peter Nizhnik on January 16, 1895 in the village of Rechitsa, Grodno Province, Russia.  Immigrating to the United States in 1913, he found work in a factory in Chicago.  Spurred by the radical changes that were occurring in his homeland due to the Revolution and Civil War, he entered St. Tikhon’s Monastery in Pennsylvania in 1918.  Quickly ordained first a deacon and then a priest, Fr. Panteleimon was in charge of agricultural projects at the monastery.  Desiring a life even more removed from the vanity and bustle of the world, he wanted to build his own monastery far away in the woods. Along with a fellow desirer of the quiet monastic life Ivan Kolos, (the future Archimandrite Joseph) Fr. Panteleimon received permission to work in the Sikorsky factory in Connecticut to raise money to buy land for a monastery.  Eventually, in 1928 he was able to purchase farmland near Jordanville NY, where he started to slowly build Holy Trinity Monastery.  Facing many early challenges, including a fire that burned down the first wooden church that was built, Fr. Panteleimon and his fellow monks nevertheless continued to labor, and eventually were able to build a stone cathedral dedicated to The Holy Trinity, along with a large building to house the monks and printing press.  Strengthened with the movement of the St. Job of Pochaev Brotherhood from Slovakia, which drew its roots from the famous Pochaev Lavra, the monastery continued the printing tradition of the Pochaev monastery, and became one of the main sources for Russian language spiritual literature and service books during the Soviet period.  Father Panteleimon was a tireless compiler and author of spiritual texts.  He fell asleep in the Lord in 1984.

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Краткая Русская История в очерках и биографиях

Краткая история России для детей oт времен Рюрика до Царя-Мученика.

9780317303209 | Published: January 1958

Eternal Mysteries Beyond the Grave

This book offers many examples of the awareness of the life beyond death and in so doing offers the clear hope of a growth in life “beyond the grave” of this temporal existence. Click here to see the complete Table of Contents and further details....

BitLit LogoPurchase of this print edition entitles you to a steep discount on the digital version through our partner BitLit.

Paperback    $19.95
9780884652120 | Published: June 2012

Electronic book text (Kindle)   $16.95
9780884652588 | Published: September 2012

Electronic book text (EPUB)   $12.99
9780884652243 | Published: September 2012

Eternal Mysteries Beyond the Grave

This title has been replaced by a new edition and is no longer available for sale. Please click here for details of the new edition.

9780884650621 | Published: January 1996

The Journey Beyond Death

This work by Archimandrite Panteleimon, the founder of Holy Trinity Monastery, deals with the journey of the soul after death.  The testing of the soul is also gone into at length.

Pamphlet    $3.95
9780884650843 | Published: January 1998

A Ray of Light

Instructions in piety and the state of the world at the end of time

Pamphlet    $4.95
9780884650478 | Published: January 1996

Вечныя загробныя тайны

Духовно-нравственное чтение для народа

Paperback    $10.95
9780884653271 | Published: January 1974

Луч Света

In defense of the Orthodox faith, in denunciation of atheism, and in refutation of the doctrines of unbelief

Hardback    $25.00
9780884653929 | Published: January 1970

Проповедническая Хрестоматия: том I

Полный круг церковных бесед, поучений и слов, в трех томах.

Paperback    $20.95
9780884653202 | Published: January 1963

Проповедническая Хрестоматия: том II, часть I

Полный круг церковных бесед, поучений и слов, в трех томах.

Paperback    $15.95
9780884653196 | Published: January 1965

Христианская философия

Избранные слова из свято-отеческих творений

Hardback    $15.95
9780884653080 | Published: January 1972

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