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Filaret (Drozdov)

St. Filaret (Drozodov) was Metropolitan of Moscow from 1826 until his death in 1867.  In his youth he studied at the Kolomna and later the Holy Trinity Theological Seminary at the Holy Trinity-St. Sergius Lavra.  Upon graduation he became a professor of Greek and Hebrew.  In 1808 he was tonsured a monk and then assigned to the St. Petersburg Theological Academy.  He was consecrated a bishop in 1817 as bishop of Revel, but was later transferred to Moscow, where be became Metropolitan in 1826.   He is perhaps best known for his gifted sermons, translation work from Slavonic to Russian, and his catechism.  He was canonized in 1995 and his feastday is celebrated on November 19th.


Государственное Учение Филарета Митрополита Московскаго

Его собственными словами

Paperback    $5.00
9780884652106 | Published: January 1997