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Boris Ledkovsky

Boris Ledkovsky (1894–1975) was an eminent church composer of the Russian diaspora. He was born in southwest Russia, the son of Protopresbyter Michael Ledkovsky, a seminary dean. He studied at the local seminary and later the Moscow Conservatory, where he was heavily influenced by Alexander Kastalsky, the future director of the Moscow Synodal School of Church Music. During the Russian Civil War he enlisted in the White Army and then emigrated to Europe, where he was a choir conductor. Before and after the Second World War he toured Germany with several choirs he formed. In 1951 he emigrated to America with his family, where he was appointed choir director at the ROCOR Synodal Cathedral in New York City. He also joined the faculty of St. Vladimir’s Seminary, where he taught liturgical music. Ledkovsky followed the Moscow School in using traditional chant as the basis of his compositions, and emphasized the need for the music to support the text of liturgical hymns. He died in 1975, and is buried at Holy Trinity Monastery.

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Сборник Духовно-Музыкальных Произведений Бориса Михайловича Ледковскаго: Том II

Гармонизации древних распевов и композиции

Paperback    $20.95
9780317304008 | Published: January 1972

Сборник Духовно-Музыкальных Произведений Бориса Михайловича Ледковскаго: Том III

Гармонизации древних распевов и композиции.

Paperback    $26.95
9780317304015 | Published: January 1982