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Jean-Claude Larchet

Dr Jean-Claude Larchet is among the foremost living authors on Orthodox Christian Patristics. He holds a Ph.D. from the University of Strasbourg. His magnum opus, Therapy of Spiritual Illness, and several other works have been translated into English to wide acclaim.

The New Media Epidemic

Philosopher and patrologist Dr Jean-Claude Larchet, renowned for his examinations of patristic writings on the causes and consequences of spiritual and physical illness, here tackles the pressing question of the societal and personal effects of our societal use of new media. The definition of new media is broad - from radio to smart phones - and the analysis of their impact is honest and straightforward. His meticulous diagnosis of their effects concludes with a discussion of the ways individuals might limit and counteract the most deleterious effects of this new epidemic and our preserve our essential humanity.

Book    $21.95
9780884654711 | Published: March 2019