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Athanasius of Alexandria

St. Athanasius of Alexandria was a prominent Christian theologian of the fourth century and the archbishop of Alexandria. A convert from paganism, he authored his most famous work, On the Incarnation, before the age of twenty. He was a steadfast defender of Orthodoxy against the teachings of Arius against the divinity of Christ. This stance caused him to be exiled from his see numerous times by Roman emperors sympathetic to Arianism. During some of his exiles he became acquainted with the great ascetics of the Egyptian desert, especially St. Anthony of Egypt, of whom he wrote the first biography.



Житие преподобного Антония Великого

Житие, составленное великим отцом Церкви о своем великом учителе

Paperback    $7.95
9780884652670 | Published: January 1966