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The New Media Epidemic
The Undermining of Society, Family, and Our Own Soul

By Jean-Claude Larchet Translated by Archibald Andrew Torrance

The New Media Epidemic
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Book, 200 pages
Published: 1st March 2019
ISBN: 9780884654711
Status: Available
Format: 9in x 6in

Philosopher and patrologist Dr Jean-Claude Larchet, renowned for his examinations of patristic writings on the causes and consequences of spiritual and physical illness, here tackles the pressing question of the societal and personal effects of our societal use of new media. The definition of new media is broad - from radio to smart phones - and the analysis of their impact is honest and straightforward. His meticulous diagnosis of their effects concludes with a discussion of the ways individuals might limit and counteract the most deleterious effects of this new epidemic and our preserve our essential humanity.



1          Invasion

2          When the Medium Replaces the Message

3          The Tyranny of the New Mediators

4          Shrinking Distance and Time

5          The Destruction of Interpersonal Relationships

6          Evil Encounters

7          The Abolition of Private Life

8          The Denial of the Body and Its Effects on Health

9          The Dominance of the Virtual Over the Real

10        Mental Disorders

11        Dumbing Down the Mind

12        The Impoverishment of Spiritual Life

13        Prevention and Treatment


            Subject Index

Publication Details:

Binding: Book, 200 pages
ISBN: 9780884654711
Format: 9in x 6in

BISAC Code:  REL049000, SOC057000, TEC003080
Imprint: Printshop of St Job of Pochaev

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