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Saint Paisios the Great

By John the Dwarf of Egypt Translated by Leo Papadopulos

Saint Paisios the Great
Pamphlet, 62 pages
Published: 1st January 1998
ISBN: 9780884650140
Status: Available
Format: 9in x 6in

Category: Saint's Lives and Biographies

The life of one of the greatest saints who lived in the Egyptian Desert. St. Paisios lived during the fourth century and the later Egyptian father, St. John the Dwarf, composed this life. In addition to the life of St. Paisios and the main liturgical hymns in his honor, this volume offers a part of the life of St. John the Dwarf from the Synaxarion for November 9.

The stories and sayings found in these lives should act as an encouragement for all who seek to live a Christian life today, whether as a monastic or in the world. They communicate a vision of a world where the earthly and heavenly realms are intertwined.

Maps of Monastic Egypt

An Angel Visits the Saint’s Mother

Early Monastic Life

Monks to Fill the Desert through St. Paisios

The Wealthy Nobleman

Spiritual Attainments

St. Paisios’ Gift of Intercession

The Disobedient Novice

St. Paisios to Instruct Others

St. Constantine Visits with St. Paisios

The Heresy Against the Holy Spirit

Angels Watch over the Monastics

St. Paul and St. Poemen Visit with St. Paisios

He is Visited by Our Saviour After Fasting 22 Days

St. Paisios Questions Our Saviour

A Syrian Struggler Visits with St. Paisios

St. Paisios Slumbers

A Simple Monk Denies the Faith

The Elder John Visits with St. Paisios

A Novice is Troubled by His Thoughts and the Enemy

Several Monks and the Author Visit the Saint

The Monk and the Jewess

The Wayward Priest

The Divine Rinsewater

Two Brothers Slandered

St. Paisios Visits with St. Paul

The Relics are Brought to Pisidia by St. Isidore



Life of St. John the Dwarf



Publication Details:

Binding: Pamphlet, 62 pages
ISBN: 9780884650140
Format: 9in x 6in

BISAC Code:  REL049000, REL086000, REL110000
Imprint: Printshop of St Job of Pochaev

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