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The Dogma of the Church in the Modern World

By Gregory (Grabbe)

The Dogma of the Church in the Modern World
Pamphlet, 32 pages
Published: 1st January 1998
ISBN: 9780884650072
Status: Available
Format: 9in x 6in

Category: Apologetics

"At the present time not just the soul of an Orthodox Christian, but that of any religious person is not infrequently shaken by phenomena which until recently seemed impossible.  In the West we are witnesses of how priests defend blatant perversion and sacrilegiously 'marry' persons of the same sex, and in Roman Catholic periodicals the existence of the devil is questioned."

Thus begins a short, but forceful defense of the Orthodox Church.  At once serving to strengthen traditional Orthodox morality and point out the corruptness of the world in which it works.


Publication Details:

Binding: Pamphlet, 32 pages
ISBN: 9780884650072
Format: 9in x 6in

BISAC Code:  REL049000, REL067030
Imprint: Printshop of St Job of Pochaev

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