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New for March 2015


Covers - Season of Repentance

Season of Repentance

Lenten Homilies of Saint John of Kronstadt

by John Ilyich Sergiyev

To be released in time for Great Lent. This is the first new material by this great pre-revolutionary Russian pastor and miracle-worker to appear in English since My Life in Christ in 1897. The sermons are an exhortation to repentance; that is, a reorientation of our life away from everything that is superfluous and a turning toward God as our Creator and Lord. They bring us ultimately to Holy Friday and to the foot of the Cross of Christ. Thus, the saint concludes:

"Let us love Truth, let us love mercy, that we may be shown mercy."

Ppbk ISBN  978-0-88465-384-4   •    5 in. x 7 in.    •   US: $17.95

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New for February 2015

Covers - Cycles and Seasons

На вскякое время благословлю Господа

Cycles and Seasons

Worship at Holy Trinity Monastery

by Holy Trinity Monastery and Seminary Choir

Тема этого диска – освящение или искупление времени посредством богослужения, сквозь призму богатой музыкальной традиции Свято-Троицкого монастыря в г. Джорданвилль (шт. Нью Йорк. Песнопения взяты из всех богослужебный кругов церковного года – дневного круга: от полунощницы до повечерия, недельного круга - Октоих, годичного круга - Минея, и особого круга, т.н. движущегося, Пасхального - Триодь Постная и Цветная. Все песнопения раскрывают широту и богатство музыкальной традиции Джорданвилля в нынешнем его исполнении.

This recording explores the sanctification of time through the particular lens of the rich musical tradition of the Holy Trinity Monastery in Jordanville, NY. The hymns are taken from all the cycles of church services – the daily cycle from the midnight office to compline, the weekly cycle of the Octoechos, the yearly cycle of the Menaion, and the moveable cycle of the Triodion and Pentecostarion, which revolves around the feast of feasts – Pascha. These hymns serve to demonstrate the range and breadth of the musical tradition in Jordanville as it is sung today. 

ISBN  978-0-88465-385-1   •    18 tracks  •   56 minutes   •   US: $16.95

Available as a digital download January 1st from iTunes, Amazon MP3 and dozens of other digital services.

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New titles for December 2014


Covers - Kalendar 2015

Троицкий Православный Русский Календарь на 2015 г.

ed. Holy Trinity Monastery

New spiral binding!

This liturgical guide offers detailed rubrics for every Sunday and major feast of the year, as well as certain lesser feast days that are commonly celebrated in the Russian Church Abroad. Also included is a comprehensive lists of saints and scriptural readings for each day of the year. Compiled in Russian following the Church (Julian) calendar.

Это Богослужебное руководство дает подробные указания на каждый воскресный день и великий праздник, в том числе и на особо чтимые в Русской Зарубежной Церкви малые праздники. На каждый день года перечислены празднуемые святые и рядовые чтения Священного Писания. Составлен на русском языке по церковному календарю. 

ISBN  978-0-88465-388-2

Spiral Bound    •  400  pp   •    6 x 9    •   US: $22.95

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Covers - Optina Pustin i ee vremia

Оптина Пустынь и ее время

И.М. Кинцевич

2-е издание

В наше время не сложно найти книги о монашестве, умном делании, старчестве. К сожалению, книг, написанных опытными носителями древней традиции Русского Православного монашеского делания достаточно мало. В этом и состоит преимущество книги И.М. Концевича «Оптина пустынь и ее время». Сам автор духовно окормлялся у Оптинских старцев, и традиции древнего старчества являлись главным интересом его исследовательской деятельности и личной духовной жизни. Этот труд, приготовленный к печати вдовой Ивана Михайловича, составлен на основе уникальных материалов, писем самих Оптинских старцев и воспоминаний современников.

Cloth ISBN: 978-0-88465-391-2 •    6 in. x 9 in. • 680 pp. • $39.00

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Covers - pravda of ubiistveПравда об убийстве Царской семьи

Историко-критический очерк

Павел Пагануцци

Репринтное издание

По словам самого автора, работа не является попыткой реабилитировать Имп. Николая II как человека и государственного деятеля. Тем не менее, в целях восстановления истины, автор документально опровергает домыслы и злостные выдумки советских авторов и западных историков, которые до нашего времени не скупятся на чернила и бумагу, чтобы постоянно очернять до предела замученную в чекистском застенке Царскую Семью. В этой книге, читатель найдет наиболее полное и объективное исследование убийства Царской Семьи. В ней систематизированы все документальные факты, касающиеся этого трагического эпизода русской истории.

6 in. x 9 in. • 236 pp.

Cloth ISBN: 978-0-88465-390-5 • $29.95

Paperback ISBN: 978-0-88465-349-3 • $19.95

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New Title for November 2014

Covers - Season of Repentance

Embassy, Emigrants, and Englishmen

The Three-Hundred-Year History of a Russian Orthodox Church in London

by Protodeacon Christopher Birchall

The unlikely history of a centuries old church located at the heart of one of the world’s greatest cities. Fr. Christopher's expansive yet personal study offers perspectives on modern English and European history from the vantage point of a little known minority community, supported by translations of primary sources not found anywhere else.

755  pp   •    6 x 9   •    100 photos   •    2 maps   •    Comprehensive Index

Cloth ISBN 978-0-88465-381-3     •   US: $69.00

Ppbk ISBN  978-0-88465-336-3    •   US: $37.95

ePub ISBN  978-0-88465-382-0    •   US: $29.99

This website is currently experiencing download problems with the ePub version. While we wait for the webmaster to repair our link, the ePub version may be purchased from our distributor, Independent Publishers Group, or from any digital bookseller - Kobo, Apple iBookstore, Barnes & Noble, etc.

Mobipocket (Kindle) edition is now available from Amazon.

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New Title for September 2014

Virtue Cover

The Struggle for Virtue

Asceticism in a Modern Secular Society

by Archbishop Averky (Taushev)

Archbishop Averky addresses head on the question, “What is asceticism?”  He counters the many false understandings that exist and shows that the practice of authentic asceticism is integral to the spiritual life and the path to blessed communion with God.

ISBN  978-0-88465-373-8   

Paperback    •   194  pp   •    5 x 7    •   US: $16.95    

Available September 2014

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New Title for July 2014

Recollections of Jerusalem

 Recollections of Jerusalem

By Anya Berezina Derrick


Anya Derrick’s life has been intimately connected to the earthly city of Jerusalem in Palestine where she was raised in the spirit of Holy Russia, as manifested in the life of the Russian Ecclesiastical Mission, the Mount of Olives and Gethsemane convents, as well as the Bethany School.  

Her spiritual life was nurtured by St John (Maximovitch) of Shanghai and San Francisco, Archbishop Antony (Sinkevich) of Los Angeles, the hieromonk Lazarus (Moore), and Mother Mary (Robinson).  

These recollections also offer a window into the struggles and aspirations of the Russian diaspora after the Communist takeover of the ancestral homeland. It shows how events such as the Russian revolution, its aftermath, and the Arab–Israeli conflict have shaped present realities.

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Paperback  ISBN: 9780884653592    Price: $21.95  * EPUB  ISBN: 9780884652748   Price: $21.95 * Mobipocket ISBN: 9780884653806   Price: $21.95

New Issue 

Orthodox_Life_65_4Orthodox Life

Vol. 65,  Number 4 • July-August 2014

Orthodox Life is published six times a year in English. As its title implies, the journal helps readers to lead an Orthodox life by providing inspiring but practical articles on the spiritual life, contemporary moral issues, practical matters of church life, and theological questions.

This Issue - Contents

•Go Up to the Mountain  —A message from St. John the Wonderworker of Shanghai and San Francisco

•On Pride  —by Hieromartyr Sergius Mechev

•The Fashion Conspiracy: Vanity Re-Examined  —by Natalie Kotar

•Mission to Nepal  —by Archpriest Seraphim Bell

•Letters of Abbess Arsenia  - Letters 1 - 3, written to a certain M. S.

•On the Subjectivity of Religious Experience

•From Ivan Ilyin’s Axioms of Religious Experience

 •On the Orthodox Christian Moral Upbringing of Preschool Aged Children —by Professor Ivan M. Andreev

Subscription rates: USA $22.00 per year; Canada and Mexico $28.00 per year; Overseas $35.00per year. Group subscription rates for five copies or more to the same address are available upon request.

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New Titles for June  2014



This book provides twenty-three pages for listing the names of living Orthodox loved ones to pray for and provides twenty-three pages to list Orthodox loved ones who have died. There is one prayer in English for the living  and one prayer in English for the dead as well as two half tone icons. In  the Russian tradition, this book is  handed to the priest with the small prosphora before the beginning of the liturgy. The booklet has a card cover with saddle stitch binding printed in red and black ink.

Size: 4 x 6 inches - 56 pages - Card cover - Price  $6.95

English: ISBN: 978-0-88465-378-3   for further information

Church Slavonic ISBN: 978-0-88465-379-0  for further information

New Titles for February  2014

Mediation on Divine Liturgy

Meditations on the Divine Liturgy

of the Holy Eastern Orthodox Catholic and Apostolic Church

By Nikolai Gogol

Nikolai Gogol was one of the most prominent Russian writers of the 19th century. He was also a deeply religious man, who dedicated one of his last works to the Divine Liturgy of the Orthodox Church. This book provides a commentary on the Divine Liturgy, which is at the same time both mystical and practical. Drawing from the early Church Fathers and his own experience, Gogol explains the sublime mystery of the Liturgy. 

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Paperback  ISBN:  9780884653431     Price: $10.95

EPUB  ISBN:    9780884653622     Price: $8.95

New Titles for January  2014

Directory_2014_Img.jpgEach year Holy Trinity Monastery prints a directory of clergy and parishes of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad. The printed copy is given to everyone who purchases the 2014 Typicon. 

It is available here as a free download. Spisok_Directory2014Directory-2014



Hymns of the Russian Orthodox Church Hymns of the Russian Orthodox Church: 50th Anniversary Holy Trinity Monastery 1930-1980


In 1980 Holy Trinity Monastery in Jordanville, NY celebrated its fiftieth anniversary. In this recording, the Seminary choir chose fifteen various chants that are typical of the daily liturgical life of the monastery.



Click here for more information.ISBN 9780884653646 Price $16.95

New Title for November 2013 

2014 Calendar

Троицкий Православный Русский Календарь на 2014 г 

Liturgical Calendar and Rubrics 2014 Typcion

By Holy Trinity Monastery 

This is the Liturgical calendar and rubrics according to Holy Trinity Monastery in Jordanville New York. It contains detailed instructions for all Sundays and major feasts throughout the year of 2014 in the Russian language.  This year's edition features expanded listings for Orthodox Saints of Western Europe, particularly the British Isles.  

Click here for more information. ISBN 9780884653615 Price $22.00


New Titles for September 2013  

Making of Holy Russia

 The Making of Holy Russia 

The Orthodox Church and Russian Nationalism before the Revolution

By Archpriest John Strickland

This book is a critical study of the the interaction between Russian Church and society in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century.  Whilst other studies exist that draw attention to the voices in the Church typified as “liberal” in the years leading up to the Revolution, this work introduces the reader to a wide range of “conservative” opinion that equally strove for spiritual renewal and the spread of the Gospel.  

Click here for more information. ISBN 9780884653295 Price $27.95 


Elder Zenobius

 Elder Zenobius

 A Life in Spiritual Continuity

 with Pre-Revolutionary Russia

By Zinoviy Chesnokov

The life of a twentieth century spiritual elder based both on archival sources and the recollections of many contemporary figures who knew him, including Patriarch Ilia of Georgia and Metropolitan Hilarion (Alfeyev) of Volokolamsk.  Elder Zenobius was a spiritual son of the last elders of the pre-revolutionary Glinsk Hermitage, who suffered in the Soviet camps and lived as a simple monk, before becoming a metropolitan in the Georgian Orthodox Church.

Click here for more information. ISBN 9780884653318 Price $19.95


New Title for July 2013 

Bilingual LIturgyThe Divine Liturgy of Our Father Among the Saints John Chrysostom: Slavonic-English Parallel Text

This convenient pocket size book contains the necessary texts for the celebration of the liturgy of St John Chrysostom by the priest and deacon, interpolated with comprehensive rubrical directions. Texts sung by the choir are also shown. The parallel format gives the Church Slavonic texts on the left page and the English on the right. The book includes the proskomedia, daily and festal dismissals, thanksgiving prayers,  petitions for the sick,  for travellers, etc.  Printed with red and black ink. Includes two ribbons.  


Click here for more information.  ISBN 978-0-88465-342-4  Price $30.00 

New Digital Edition for February 2013:

Ol Digital 2011CoveW.jpg

Orthodox Life - Digital Edition

Vol. 61, Numbers 4,5,6, 2010

Through Vol. 62, Number 6, 2011

Orthodox Life is a Journal published six times a year in English by the brotherhood of Holy Trinity Monastery.  It provides inspiring but practical articles on the spiritual life, contemporary moral issues, practical matters of church life, theological questions, and book reviews.  This digital edition includes fifty articles that appeared in Orthodox Life between July 2012 and December 2011.


 Click here for further information. 


New Title for January 2013


Indication of the Way

into the Kingdom of Heaven

An Introduction to Christian Life

By Saint Innocent of Alaska

This introduction to what it means to be a Christian appeals both to the heart and mind of its readers. Its timelessness and universality are beyond dispute as it has been in print continually in English for sixty years and for nearly 180 years in its original Aleut and then Russian language editions. This new edition includes "Points for Reflection" that can be used both by an individual reader and for a group study. 

The author,  Priest John Veniaminov, was a Russian born and raised in Siberia. He went on to become Bishop of a massive trans continental diocese and ultimately the Metropolitan of Moscow, the most senior Bishop of the Russian Orthodox Church. He is most widely known today by the simple title of St Innocent of Alaska.

Click here for further information.       ISBN 978-0-88465-303-5   Price: $9.95

New Title for November 2012


 Herman A Wilderness Saint

 From Sarov, Russia to Kodiak, Alaska

By Sergei Korsun with Lydia Black

Translated by Priest Daniel Marshall

The memory of St Herman, canonized in 1970, has spread well beyond Alaska. This new work brings to light primary sources that illuminate the story of St Herman and the wider context of the history of Russian colonization in the Pacific northwest.



For further information click here. ISBN 978-0-88465-192-5 Price $19.95